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Tips For Working From A Coffee Shop As a Self-Employed Creative

Do I miss working a 9-5 office job? NO….I definitely don’t miss that life! If you knew my horror stories of my old bosses and the crap I had to go through, you would understand why I work so hard to be my own boss and have a side hustle. Do I love setting my own hours and working from home or my favorite local coffee shop? ABSOLUTELY.

So what exactly do I do for a living? I essentially have four jobs – 3 businesses and 1 part-time job as a host at a restaurant (which if I’m being honest is basically a waste of time because I work very little hours and make scraps in tips. But it is money to help out with groceries lol)

My 3 businesses include – Nkmstyling, The Boss Diary, and Rodan + Fields. I invested a lot of time and money into these three hustles, and I wouldn’t regret a thing. There are some days where I want to cry – let’s be honest and put that out there! Some days will suck. You will feel defeated. And you will second guess why you made these decisions in the first place. But its ok. Those are the days that make you stronger. I’ve had some equally rewarding days as well, and the small milestones I’ve accomplished are what keep me going.

So, there are a few things that I consistently do in order to stay productive and work from a cafe. Let’s get right into it:

The first is simple – set a morning routine before you leave the house. I made a vow to get up early, do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, and meditate. All this happens before I walk out the door. That way, I’m in the right mental state to really get some work done and be productive. In my opinion, our morning time is so important and the most important time of our day. I talk all about my morning routine and how to practice self-care in this post, if you want the specifics!

The second tip is naturally the next step – you have to actually get out of the house! Don’t get lazy and stay in bed or plop yourself on the couch. One thing that I promised to do this year, was to get out of my room and create my own office at my local coffee shops. Trying to stay productive while your bed is around the corner aint easy. In fact its almost impossible. Netflix and nap? Totes do-able. But we have to get up and be an adult….amirite?

Another thing to consider is how to choose the right coffee shop – not every spot will work for you. I tend to be really picky about where I work, because you have to be comfortable if you’re going to be productive. I am in love with a new cafe that opened in Buffalo, called Roots Cafe. This is the cutest spot ever. The natural light gives me all the feels and makes me want to work. You will always be more productive if you work in an environment that enables you to focus and stay inspired – rather than work from your bed and slip into a coma. Plus, once I see other people on their laptops, I get even more motivated. Its like, we’re all rooting for each other, yanno? Then, all I need is my headphones, Spotify playlist, caramel latté with oat milk, and I’m good to go!


And that’s it! I hope these simple tips have helped you. I am all about that laptop-lifestyle. Even if you work an evening part-time job like I do, you can still set your own schedule and hours during the week. Eventually, my goal is to be a creative full-time. I will get there! If you have any tips of your own, please share in the comments. I would love to know how you work from home and stay productive.

Thanks so much for reading my loves, see you next week

Nkay, xo

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