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Walk Of Shame

I found this hot little black shirt-dress tucked away somewhere in the back of my closet. To be honest I completely forgot it was there. So when #fotoshootfriday rolled around, I knew this was the perfect outfit to wear for the day. It was about 88 degrees so I tried to go with anything short and airy. Add these super cute pink heels, and this outfit is seriously nothing to mess with. I love me a pink heel.

Little did I know that this outfit would make me feel like the party girl I was back in my college days. Its the famous walk of shame….and we all (well let’s say most) of us have been there. Gotta love those “wait, did that just happen?” kinda nights. Aint nothing wrong with that, its all part of life. I used to go out with my girlfriends to a club called Wild Hare in Chicago, and we had some nights where we woke up not knowing where we were or wtf happened! True story….I can’t even lie. Sometimes though, those are the best nights and make for some great memories. What is life without moments to look back and laugh at?

Those were the thoughts running through my head as I was posing for these pics. Every time I do a shoot I tap into a theme- something that makes me look and feel the part that I’m trying to play. I like to just be myself and roll with the mood that I’m currently feeling. My #fotoshootfriday tribe – Ciara and Tai – like to gas me up during these shoots, so I was really feeling myself!

We shot these gems downtown at The Main Theatre Mural by Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn. The vibe is so dope and I love the colors and patterns they put together. Naturally I popped right into the spot with the hot pink wall. The sun was hot and the day was humid, but I made the walk of shame theme come to life.


Anyone else ever loose a shoe after a crazy night out?…..asking for a friend.


Hopefully for our next #fotoshootfriday I’ll be a little more classy….or maybe not ; )

Thanks for reading loves, and see ya next Monday!

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