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I’ll Take A Villa When I Can Travel Again

If you could travel anywhere in the world – where would it be? And if you could spend a month living in a new place, where would you go? I’ve asked myself these questions a lot, and I have a list of places I’d love to travel to.

On my vision boards for 2020, I manifested travel and visiting new places and cultures. I’m so grateful that I did the Peace Corps, because it really made me want to travel to more places around the world, learn new languages, and experience new cultures.

I’ve always wanted to live in Bali! I’m not sure why, but I’ve always fallen in love with the idea of living in a villa, going outside to eat breakfast on the balcony, and spending quiet afternoons on the beach. (Y’all know I am such a beach girl) I think Bali would be a beautiful place to live. And of course. My dream wouldn’t be complete without meeting a Brazilian man on the beach – just like Julia Roberts did in Eat, Pray, Love. Then I could have someone to speak Portuguese with! One day girl….one day.


Another place that I am absolutely dying to go and spend a month with my girls – the best girls trip ever – is in Croatia. I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with the thought of spending time in Croatia! It looks so beautiful! I’ve been manifesting going here, and even started my own Pinterest board dedicated to everything Croatia. Literally obsessed!

I’m definitely a city girl, and I love to be in a place where there’s noise, people walking down the street, and a busy atmosphere. But I definitely am a girl who loves the beach and the tropical climate. I hate being cold! Living in New York was great. But I can’t handle the long winters – it’s just too much for me. You get it.

Where are some places that you’d like to travel? And when this is all over, where is the first place you want to go? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading babe, see you next Monday xoxo


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