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Why I Am Switching To Part-time Vegan

So…if you’ve been following me on Instagram then you know that I recently made some dietary changes. For the past 3 years now, I’ve been a vegetarian/pescatarian. I was always a picky eater, and didn’t eat alot of meat to begin with, so making the transition to a vegetarian diet was very easy.

But there are a few eating habits that weren’t good for me or my body. I was eating too much dairy. Girl, I love me a thin crust cheese pizza! Although it can be my cheat meal, I’m cutting it out of my diet…for now lol. The transition into non-dairy/vegan meals has been easier than I thought. I’ve actually been thinking about making the switch for awhile – mainly because I want clearer skin. My skin has been outta control lately, and I have no idea why. My friend Tai (who also is sometimes gluten and dairy-free) told me to stop eating dairy if I wanted clearer skin. So I’m making some much needed changes!

Here’s what my latest trip to the grocery store included:

  • cake mix (cuz I mean….I’m baking now)
  • Almond coffee creamer (non-dairy)
  • organic cinnamon toast rice cakes
  • Silk vanilla yogurt (non-dairy)
  • Starbucks coffee
  • organic tofu
  • organic honey
  • organic spinach
  • bananas


I will definitely keep you updated with how things are going! So far, so good. I started keeping a food journal which I think is really going to help me gage my results. Also so ya know – non-dairy cheese actually tastes good!

Thanks for reading and stoping by babe. See you next Monday!


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