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Why I’m Letting Go Of Toxic Energy

It’s a new era.

Ok that was semi-dramatic, but it’s the truth. It’s about to get really real up in here! There is SO many things happening behind the scenes, and so many great things that are about to happen, and I need to be mentally and physically at peace. With that said, I have decided to let go of toxic energy – and by that, I mean toxic people

As we get older, we should get wiser. If we stay the same person and do not take the time to work on ourselves, then what’s the point in truly living? I can honestly say without a doubt, that God has truly worked on me! Chile, if you knew where I was five years ago, you would be shook haha. And no, things aren’t perfect, and I’m learning every single day (cuz hashtag that’s life), but I am truly living my best life right now. I thank God. And I thank the Universe for having my back.

With this new attitude of course, came a new hair color and style. Baby girl is back to black, and I’m here for it! It’s something about black hair – you feel sexy, more confident, and bossy. Girl, I’m cute. 27 inches of cuteness to be exact. 


Lately I’ve been taking a closer look at the company I keep. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a great circle of friends. But I also have given a lot of time and energy to a few people who don’t deserve it – old and new. Whether its men that I’ve dated recently, or friendships that I’ve had for awhile – I feel like I’ve given too much of my light and energy to the wrong ones. And that’s not ok with me. In fact, its hurtful. I feel a pain attached to it. 

One of my best friends told me that I have a gift – when people meet me they are so comfortable with me, that they immediately confide and trust me. They open up to me, and feel like they’ve known me for years. She said that’s a good thing. But she also told me it can be a bad thing. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of people who will take advantage of that. See, that’s the hard thing when you have a big heart, and you care about people on a deeper level. Is it the Pisces in me? Sure. But it’s also the good in me. I’ve grown to be a good person. Yea, that’s it. I’ve made a shit ton of mistakes, but I always learn from them. Sometimes the same mistake happens more than once. But well, I ain’t perfect. I am however, a child of God. And I believe He has saved me many times. The Universe has showed up every.single.damn.time. I kept hanging with the same guys, and I continued to stay in friendships where I wasn’t receiving anything back.

Until now.

That shit stops TODAY.

Self-awareness is KEY if you want to make personal changes. If I wasn’t aware of how certain people and situations were hurting me, then I wouldn’t recognize that changes need to be made. At least I know when my shit do stink! I’m ok with admitting my faults. And I’m also ok with taking the time and putting in the work to fix them.

From this day forward, I made a vow. I wrote a love letter to myself. And inside that letter, I talked about what I truly wanted in a relationship and a friendship. Anyone that doesn’t fit that, isn’t meant to be in my life. Plain and simple. It doesn’t mean that I’m picky or selfish. It just means that I fully know who I am, and understand my self-worth. Baby, I’m worth EVERYTHING I want. And so are you….


All my luv! xo

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