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Since beginning my journey of starting my own business, I although not lacking confidence, was still not sure of my “bossness” and felt scrambled between both brand + operation. Far from a social media guru, I constantly felt overwhelmed by the task of beginning and scheduling simply because I didn’t know how to brand strategize. It wasn’t until I grabbed hold of the bait NKay placed into the atmosphere on her IG stating that she could help girls just like me with a business idea looking for brand styling that will take my business to the next level. And boy did she. It’s through my partnership with NKay that my business profile increased 150+ in only 3 weeks time. Engagement jumped, and now I have a template on how to continually keep up the momentum.  I honestly thanked God for what Nkay has done for my brand & for me! I have now adapted the same strategy she used for my business into my personal social platforms and even began scheduling life the NKmstying way. More than just someone I hired to help my business grow, NKay has truly become a girl boss friend, constantly encouraging me to keep up and embrace my creativity, I can confidently say I am a Girl Boss! Thanks NKAY

     – Ciara @ciararayshall

I worked with Nkay to create highlight covers for my InstaStories. Nkay created the covers exactly how I was picturing them in my head! She has become my go-to woman when it comes to anything style or branding because she just has the eye for it! I’m so grateful for Nkay helping me step up the look of my brand to come across more professional!

– Julia @jbethjs



When you’re in the process of creating an actual career for yourself out of your blog or business, Nkay is the person to go to. not only is she a good person but she is such a huge help and she makes sure she reviews every step of creating your Media Kit. Super thankful to say that I received such amazing service from such an awesome person!

– Alonia @loreanstyles



Running a small business takes hard work, but I’ve always been a believer in working hard and working smart. Nkay has given my business the tools to succeed by providing an actionable plan. It has been a great pleasure to get to know her and to work with her. Thank you so much for helping our business to grow and thrive.

– Nhi @sativaremedy




Working with Nkay on my website was so amazing. She made sure I understood what I was creating and how we could make the website user friendly. Definitely referring her every chance I get. Thank you Nkay!

– Alex @creativeconnect