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90’s Inspired Summer Look

…and she cute!

What’s up babes. I haven’t been on the blog in a hot minute. Life has been REAL, and I’m just tryna get through it. You get what I mean right? I imagine that life is crazy for all of us though, so part of me feels that I’m not alone. And so, here we are – halfway through the year, and the second half to go.

I’ve been using this time off to re-group (still working on that), and work on BALANCE. My friends say I do too much LOL. But part of my balance is to do things that bring me more joy and happiness – like posing in the middle of the street and taking photos for Instagram ; )

Today’s style post is inspired by 90’s fashion – my favorite fashion era. Everything from bomber jackets, animal print jackets, bucket hats, leather blazers, combat pants, baggy jeans, plaid shirts, and more were all trendy must-haves. Fashion always repeats itself as we know, and we see so many 90’s styles today. 

One of my go-to signature looks is styling sneakers and dresses.  I’m wearing a pair of men’s socks (because what girl doesn’t have a pair of men’s socks?!) Neon green is such a pretty color for summer, and I’m in love with this dress. I definitely had to do a lot of stomach sucking, but hey…it was worth it!

For the next 6 months you can find me buried in my creative work. It’s time to re-establish my foundation and my goals. I’m working on my music, my fashion brand, and my overall BALANCE. If I’m quiet, its cuz I’m focused!

Thanks so much for reading Stylists. For now, my blog posts will now be posted every other Thursday’s. And you can always find me on Instagram nkmstyling or nkayofficial. Have a beautiful and blessed day fam, xo

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