How To Stay Busy During Quarantine: 3 Things You Can Do

These are some challenging times, to say the least.

For most of us, our lifestyles have completely changed. It’s definitely been….different. I fully recognize that this time is a hard time for all of us – some more than others. And with that said, I completely understand if anyone is in a situation where being at home or quarantined is mentally draining. I can only image what some people have to go through.

Along with that though, I want to share with you what I’ve been doing to stay mentally and physically active. Hopefully this will give you babes some motivation and inspiration if you’re struggling right now.

First thing’s first:

Please do your very best to make and stick to a schedule. For me, my morning routine is EVERYTHING. There’s definitely some days when I get up and I’m less motivated and move at a slower pace. But I am very consistent with the first part of my day. The first thing I do is meditate. I use an app called Insight to meditate and listen to inspirational words and music. This app is everything. Then, I have a cup of Starbucks coffee with almond or soy milk. Coffee time is the most important time of the day for me. I cannot stress this enough! I like to sit outside in my bathrobe and enjoy my cup. The weather is beu


The next tip I have for you is start a hobby. One thing I’ve started to do is baking! (Ok, obviously I’m excited about this lol) Last week, I made angel cake cupcakes. Yes you read that right ; ) I initially wanted to make a cake but we didn’t have a pan that was small enough. So I went ahead and made cupcakes. They turned out delicious! If you want to try a hobby that’s fun and tasty, try baking. There’s usually enough baking stock on the shelves.


My last tip for you is to do something for your brand or business. I finally buckled down and started getting back into YouTube. Staying consistent with video content has been my biggest challenge, but this time has given me the chance to get back in the groove.

You can actually watch my latest video here

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