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How To Start Monetizing Your Blog: Getting Started With ShopStyle Collective

One of the most popular questions that I get asked, is what affiliate network do I use? And, how does it work?  Well boss babe, today I am answering both those questions, and sharing with you how you can easily start making passive income. You gotta start from somewhere, and this is such a great way to start earning some well deserved passive income.

Making money as a blogger is actually easier than you think. I have learned many things throughout the years, and trust me when I say, it is possible to start monetizing your blog TODAY. When I first started blogging there were little to no resources. Back then (omg I sound so old), there was no such thing as affiliate links, blogger networks, or Influencer marketing. But nowadays, we have all of that and more.

So let’s talk about the platform that I’m currently using to monetize my blog – ShopStyle Collective.

This is a great platform to start off with, and you don’t need a certain number of followers or blog audience to join. Unlike many other affiliate platforms, it’s completely free, and I highly recommend it.

Likewise, as your blog and audience grows, so will your product sales, and at that point you may want to look into adding a larger platform in addition to Shop Style. For example, through Reward Style (which is a popular affiliate program for bloggers), your commission is calculated per-sale, not per-click. So definitely make sure you choose the option that is most viable for you.

Here is what you need to know about ShopStyle Collective:

How does it work?

ShopStyle Collective is a free service that is owned and operated by ShopStyle that allows bloggers to earn money through links from ShopStyle’s partnered retailers. You can post these links on your blog and social media platforms. All product links are “ShopStyle enabled,” meaning once your readers click on the product link, they are connected to the retailers site through your ShopStyle link. All of your clicks are calculated, and your revenue is based on your traffic. This is an example of what your product link will look like:

How are your earnings calculated exactly?

Clicks – this is how many times your readers have clicked your links. The rate you are paid for click depends on a number of factors, and you average anywhere from .05 cents to .10 per click. It may seem small but they definitely add up, especially if you have a heavy traffic flow to your blog! Your earnings are even higher if a click to a retailer’s product resulted in a sale. So as a result, the rate you are paid can vary over time.

Conversion rate – this one can be a little tricky to figure out, and I had to research it a bit to make sure I got it right. So, your conversion rate refers to how many of your clicks result in sales. If you have a high conversion rate, then you get paid a better rate per click. Watch your dashboard and try to stay in the green.

Orders – this refers to how many times a user has clicked on your link and actually ordered an item from your link. Now, you don’t get commission from ever order, but rather per click. This is the sole difference between ShopStyle and many other affiliate platforms. Remember, ShopStyle’s rates are based off per-click, not per-sale. That’s not to say that bloggers don’t make money off their clicks – you can!

With all of this said, let me honestly say, ShopStyle is very fun to use! You can create all types of widgets of your favorite outfits and beauty products. The best way to figure out what kind of product links to create, is to KNOW your audience. Who are your readers? What do they like? The better the content that you create for your blog and social media, the higher your conversion rates. Once you reach $25, you receive your first payment from ShopStyle.

In a separate blog post, I will be showing you how to create widgets – products, collections, and looks. All in all, I think ShopStyle is very user-friendly and is a great platform for bloggers just starting out. It’s 100% free, so I mean, you’ve got nothing to loose, right?

I hope these tips have helped you, and given you a little more clarity on how this platform can help you earn passive income. I have made a monthly income from ShopStyle. If you blog consistently and bring traffic to your blog, those clicks will turn into coins.

Look out for more blogger tip posts to come. I will talk all about how to gain traffic to your blog, grow your Instagram, and so much more! Thanks for reading babes, I always appreciate you stopping by. All my luv, and Happy Monday!

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  • Alexandra
    June 1, 2019

    So, jus to be sure, you don’t need a lot of “cred” to get accepted to Shopstyle. You can start using it even if you only have, say, 2-3 blog posts and just starting out IG?

    • nkmstyling
      June 10, 2019

      Yes exactly 😉 ShopStyle doesn’t have any blog post requirement to sign up for their platform!

  • Ashlyn Havens
    July 2, 2020

    I just read this as I’m just starting out to blogging and was just getting ready to apply for Shopstyle, but was unsure of the requirements. Thank you for all of the tips! I look forward to reading more in the future!!

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