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Rihanna Is My Fashion Muse: My Favorite Badgalriri Looks

Ok, how have I not yet dedicated one of my blog posts to my fashion icon and lifetime best friend?! This post is waaaay overdue. RiRi, I’m sorry girl. But I’m about to try and do you justice because you are absolute goals. In this week’s post I am sharing my favorite looks from the most stylish woman on the planet – Rihanna. She is my spirit animal and such a hard-working boss. I can’t wait for us to hang out and have lunch together….oh what like it’s not gonna happen? It will #believe

I think Rihanna is effortlessly stunning in every way possible. What I love about her, is her ability to wear whatever the F she wants regardless of what people may think. She has no fux given and I’m here for it. One day she’s all about being casual in her jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, while the next day she’s rockin’ a 1990’s vintage look with red lipstick and high heels. As someone who is usually found in converse, jeans and a t-shirt, but has days where I want to play dress up in stilettos, I so appreciate her diverse fashion style. And can we talk about her new lingerie line that is coming out? I swear she’s about to catch all my checks! After a successful multi-million dollar Fenty Beauty collection, it’s no surprise that she is expanding her entrepreneurial routes into lingerie. She is representing all female body types, and she does it WELL.

I’ve always admired women who can take risks in fashion and rock any style. I remember when I started blogging, I used to look other bloggers and how they looked so pretty in flower dresses in front of beautiful waterfalls. Although they looked gorgeous, I never saw myself as that kind of blogger. I have taken photos where I look like a girly girl lol, but I’ve always preferred the more edgy, grungy, industrial, torn down buildings with graffiti backdrops look. I love using my neighborhood as my photoshoot background.

Photo by Seek Axiom

Photo by Seek Axiom

And before I go, I want to share one of my favorite shoes worn by Rihanna. I need a pair of these. Anyone know where I can find them? Obsessed!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at some of Rihanna’s most iconic outfits in this post. If you’d like to see more posts like these, comment below!

And RiRi is you’re reading this (which I know you are cuz we’re like besties n stuff), I love you and everything you stand for. You’re a GEM.

Thanks for reading stylists and see you in the next one….



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