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The Biggest Pressure I Put On Myself As A Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger


Can we talk for a second about the pressure that myself and many other bloggers may feel? The struggle is real! In the blogger world, there are so many things we have to think about. It’s not easy to write a blog. Most people think all you have to do is write down some words, do a quick spell check, and post. Oh honey, it takes a lot more work than that!

When it comes down to it, bloggers are more than writers. We’re editors and occasionally graphic designers. We think about everything from our blog presentation, down to every last tiny detail. But one of the biggest pressures I think most fashion bloggers face, is the pressure to constantly find something new and exciting. We have to stay on top of the latest trends – even if we don’t wear them. My personal blogging goal is to always make sure I’m sharing content with you that is relevant and relatable. I have always been an urban style street fashion blogger, so I try to focus on fashion that is vintage, easily accessible, and trendy to wear.

With that said, since I moved to LA about 3 months ago, I have made it my mission to focus more on fashion in this vibrant, eccentric city! I’ve got some amazing photoshoots planned, and I can’t wait to share them with you. I want to share more fashion, and show people that you can be sexy in your own personal style. For awhile it was hard to give my blog that fashioncentric vibe due to the fact that I moved twice within the past 8 months and haven’t had a photographer or even friends to take my photos. Moving from Baltimore, then now to Los Angeles was a major transition. But a damn good one! I love living here y’all. The vibe is too real.

Now that I’ve started to settle in a bit, I’m starting to meet new people and form new connections. Can you imagine moving to a new city and not knowing a soul? I knew a few people here but not any real friends. But lucky for me, I have a gift for talking to people and making them feel comfortable enough to be my friend lol.

I do put a lot of pressure on myself in general, but I’m trying not to be. There are so many little things behind the scenes that our audience does not see, but that’s ok right? If you have specific goals for your business, then its expected to be hard on yourself. I can be my own worst critic. But at the end of the day, I make sure that my short and long term goals are accomplished! It’s all about the small milestones babe.

Let me know in the comments if you also feel pressure as a fashion or lifestyle blogger. It can be hard, but its equally rewarding! Watch this space for new and exciting fashion things.

Thanks so much for reading babe, I’ll catch you in the next one xo

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