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Staying Positive 101

I don’t know about you but, I feel like I’m s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g lately. It’s like my body is on autopilot! This year is the slowest yet somehow fastest year of my life. It’s so crazy how 2020 did not turn out to be ANYTHING like we thought it would be. I had such high hopes for this year creatively, and even though I hate to sound like a negative nancy, nothing really worked out the way I wanted it to. BUT that’s ok, because I still have been able to still pursue my creative shenanigans – just in a different way ; )

I know that times are hard, and even depressing for a lot of us. But part of my purpose in life is to spread as much sunlight as I possibly can. (My nickname at my old job was actually Sunshine…I’m not kidding).  So in today’s post, I want to share with you 4 ways that you (and me) can flex our positivity muscles and find a little but of gratitude in our daily lives. Let’s get right into it.

wear a pop of color

So it’s not secret that one of my favorite colors to wear is black, but I do like to always try and give myself a pop of color to my look. I know it can be tough to even wanna get dressed nowadays, but a little bit of color goes a long way. If I’m in a black and denim outfit for example, I’ll pop a pink or orange lip – and I mean, who doesnt wanna have poppin’ lips?! Or try wearing a bright colored shirt and incorporate that look into your wardrobe.


do something nice for others

I have a few friends who are really going through it right now – so I decided to brighten up their day with a small act of kindness. Maybe this is selfish, but it’s important to me to be kind and spread as much positive sunlight as I can. So I brought one of my friends a bag of chocolate, and the other one some chocolate chip cookies and a pack of tea. It’s the small things, amirite? Sometimes we just need a friend to be a friend – even when we’re not at our best. 


dance alone when no one is watching!

There’s two things that I try to remember when I’m sitting at my desk working from home: sit up straight (cuz posture is so important) and taking a break from my computer screen to get up and dance! I love to move my body and release any stress of tension that I might have. You can typically fid me dancing to South African house music – sidenote – a lot of people think I’m South Affrican haha.


Treat yo self

Welp, yall already know that I do not play with my cookie dough ice-cream from ben & jerry’s. It is my JAM. I try not to eat too much of it (actually I’m lying, yes I do) but it’s definitely my guilty pleasure. I buy like 3 pints that should last me for a week LOL. Don’t judge! I eat pretty healthy and have been meat-free for almost 3 years, so I’m allowed to have a little bit of sweetness in my life. 


I hope these tips have helped out in some way maybe? Be sure to try at least one of them. You’d be surprised how much better you might feel.

Also as a reminder: weekly blog posts are now every Wednesday’s at 12 noon PST. And before I go, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. It’s been hard staying consistent with everything going on lately, but my latest vlog is up! Vlogs go up every Saturday : ) xoxo

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