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My First Podcast: Figuring Out Your Purpose x Owning Your Own Style x Being Yourself Unapologetically

Happy Monday Stylists! I am SO so so so excited to be sharing today’s blog post, because I was recently featured on my FIRST ever international podcast with an amazing Manifestation Coach – Taylor Rae of The Strong Babe Collective! The Universe brought us together for this incredible collab, and I could not be more grateful. This is more than just a collab for me – its so close to my heart, because this girl gave me an opportunity to share her platform and give me a chance to have my voice heard. THAT is what building relationships is all about. She lives all the way in Australia, but through the Universe, we are connected! How freakin’ amazing and cool is that? I am truly blessed.

I found Taylor on Instagram a few months back, and immediately asked her to be one of my Friday Features in The Boss Diary blog. Ever since then, we’ve been connected through our spirits in the abundant Universe! I knew she would be someone I stayed connected with. Her fashion style alone is goals! Pretty sure I can grab anything in her closet and easily wear it. This girl knows exactly who she is – inside and out, and that’s the most liberating feeling anyone can have. In this episode, we talked about exactly that. How to be yourself, how to dress the way you want, and how to own your truth so that you can live out your true purpose.

I cannot tell you enough how much I love Taylor and her energy. She is truly amazing at what she does. If you’re searching for alignment in your life, then this girl is your answer. I’ll be taking her Manifesting Masterclass as well – and you should too! Taylor helps boss babes realize their own potential and manifest their biggest dreams into life. She is the best!

I hope you ladies enjoy this episode, and you take away something magical. You can listen by clicking the link below!

Also, be sure to connect with Taylor on social media AND subscribe to her podcast!

Thanks so much for reaching babe, and as always, I am grateful for you. I’ll catch you next week, xo


Episode 035

Strong Babe Collective Instagram


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