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You Can’t Be On All The Time


Hey Stylists, Happy. Damn. Friday!

What a crazy past couple of weeks it has been. I know you haven’t heard from me this week – things have been crazy to say the least! The Universe is definitely working for me right now, and I’m in a forever state of gratitude. But I will shamelessly admit, I’m also going through some weird energy shifts and changes lately. I’m not sure if it was the Full Moon or what, but omg I’ve been SO off. Like….just not myself. For the first time in a long time, I don’t feel like my true myself. And its so ironic I’ve been feeling the way I have, because last week’s post was all about focusing more on self-care >> You can read that here

I try to be as consistent as possible with my audience and my brand. So when I miss a few days here and there, and find myself unable to be present, I am really hard on myself about it. I completely forgot to post on my blog this week, and I’ve been unmotivated and discouraged. In hindsight, I feel like I am my own support system. I have some great people I met, and a few good ones in my family, but at the end of the day, I am my only shoulder to really lean on. So I need to take care of myself the best way I can. But, I knew I had to check myself and figure out what was wrong.

In all honesty, no one is ON all the time. I was quickly reminded of this. I think as an Influencer, people always expect you to be. And this perception is so hard in the online entrepreneurial world. I completely recognize that its OK to be down, and it’s also OK to honor your down time. I’m not always good at doing this, but I’m working on it. Ironically though, I like to be busy, even if that busy time causes me stress LOL. But its better than sleeping in bed all day, or walking around feeling depressed. I try to relax and live in the PRESENT.


Despite me feeling like I’m OFF right now, there are still some beautiful and amazing things happening that I’m truly grateful for. The Universe is always working for me.

I’ve been surrounded by some good creative energy and good people. When I first moved here, I wasn’t surrounded by the best energy, so it made my transition that much harder. But now that I’m two months in, I’m finally finding some good people that I vibe with.

Even on my worst days, I look outside and realize that this is exactly where I wanna be! I knew starting off in this city would be hard, but when I look at my surroundings – the dancing palm trees, the beautiful sun rays, the endless mountain views, and sandy beaches – oh yea. I’m good. Los Angeles, you are everything.


and I’ll see you next week. I appreciate you for being here. Enjoy the weekend! All my luv xx



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