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Living in Buff – planted my seeds and love being a creative here, but feeling like an outsider in the city I was born and raised….it’s complicated.

I always say that there are some hidden gems in Buffalo – if you look hard enough. My photographer for this shoot, Seek Axiom knows my style and knows exactly what I like. By now Ryan knows that I love pictures in front of brick walls (preferably pink), old rundown buildings, dope graffiti, and urban backgrounds. That’s the beauty of working with someone who understands your vibes. You don’t have to waste time talking about shoot locations – you just go. Also, Seek knows that I hate taking photos in front of grass….me and Mother Nature don’t mesh well. And of course – anything with a red background – bish I’m out! #RedPhobia

Outfit details:

– Camo jacket Forever 21

-Black skinny jeans Macy’s

-Chuck Taylor’s Converse



There’s two pink walls in Buffalo that I’ve found so far, and this one if my favorite. I’ve always opted for the casual X sexy X street style, and this is exactly the spot that I needed. Photoshoots are like therapy for me – even though its freezing cold outside. But once I get into my groove, I’m totally fine. The things we do for that perfect shot, right?

H i g h C e i l i n g s X M o o d L i g h t

Our next stop was inside the Market Arcade. I so fux with this light though! Major confession – I’ve never actually been inside this building. I still feel like that “new” girl who is still a bit of a stranger in her own neighborhood. Which brings me to my next topic –> feeling lost.

I try not to complain about ANYTHING, although, like most humans, I do. I can be a bit of a loner behind closed doors. I have some great friends here but I also feel like I don’t fit in. Its like I’m walking around in a bubble. Part of the reason I feel this way is because I’ve lived abroad for so long, and traveled to so many different places. One of them is my second home – Ghana. Everytime I leave it never gets easier. Then I find myself in places I never thought of going to. Sometimes I’m in a new city so long people actually start to think I’ve moved there. What can I say, I can’t stay in the same place for too long. I’m not used to feeling ‘grounded’ anywhere. I have no kids, I’m not in a relationship, and live my life like a bird – I be flyin’ wherever I choose to. Good or bad thing? Depends whom you ask. But I say, it works for me….even though I’ll shamelessly admit there’s times I wish I had a place to call ‘home’ (like home, home…..)

On the outside I appear to be one of the most social people you’ll ever meet. I love talking and meeting new people. But I have learned to be picky AF. I have the right to pick and choose whom I associate with, what events I go to, and which collabs I want to do. There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first, and in the process, making sure your circle is a group of people who will build you up. The lighting in this building fit exactly how I felt – trying to shine while being surrounded by walls that are so pretty, but so unbreakable. So what do I do with myself? Own the light and keep shinnin’? Or find a way to shine outside of the walls? Meh…..still figuring that out.

I’m on an adventure and not sure what the next stop is, but the ride is pretty damn good so far.

If you loved these shots, then you will absolutely die over my next shoot. Stay tuned for the next one stylists…

Nkay x

All photography by Seek Axiom 



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