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New Vibe For NKM

It’s December already, and I can’t believe how fast time is flying. This year was a complete rollercoaster, and to be honest I’m ready for it to be over! There are so many good things coming up for 2019 that I’m so excited for.

For most people, the New Year is a chance to start over and begin a new chapter. I always say, set new goals for the year, rather than resolutions. To me, goals sounds much more achievable.

One of my goals for the new year is to have everything that I do fit under one umbrella. As some of you know, I do blog coaching and brand styling for bloggers, as well as run this fashion + lifestyle blog. I wear many hats, but now it’s time to focus on building my brand the exact way I want it.

Fashion has always been a huge part of my life, and it’s always been one of my passions. My friends would always tell me that I was so confident – not just in my style, but in my everyday fashion style. I wasn’t always a confident girl, and it wasn’t until I started dressing and looking the way I want, did I truly come out of my shell. I believe in wearing clothing that makes you feel comfortable, because comfort is everything. I believe in funky hair colors, and shopping in the Men’s section. And I believe in being 100% who you are.


More fashion style posts – There will be a lot more diversity in my outfits, and more posts on how to style your favorite trends.

Boss Babe branding + blog tips – I will be here to share resources and tools that you’ll need in order to become a better blogger. I’m going to have an entire blog section just for my blogger babes that will help you stay motivated, and to keep you inspired throughout your blogging journey. This is just for YOU!

Lifestyle posts – So much more to share in this category. Fitness, photography, travel, and music. Yes, I also sing! Next year there will be so much to share in all of these areas. I love sharing more about the events, people, and places that I meet throughout my blogging journey. 

Personal/self-development posts – I am a firm believer in sharing my true self with my audience, because I’m a normal human being just like you. Maybe my stories can help someone, or relate to one of my readers. Definitely be on the lookout for posts like these – cuz they aren’t going anywhere!

Nkmstyling is going to be a central hub for my fashion + lifestyle bloggers. Everything you need to build your person brand will be found here:

  • Styling – It’s my job to make you look and feel confident. Together we go on a shopping spree, or you stay at home while I tackle the clothing racks myself! I truly love helping bloggers find their new style, but also stay true to who they are and make sure that they are comfortable in their own skin.
  • Personal Branding – this includes everything from your website design to your social media content. First impression is so important, so my job is to make sure your online presence matches the beautiful you.
  • E-books – Get ready for some major blogger + style guides! I love creating e-books for you babes, and I know you’re gonna love what I have in store for you. I’m currently working on something juicy!


And of course, with all of this you can still expect me to be sharing everything from fashion to my daily life vlogs on my YouTube Channel. I would love it if you would subscribe, that would make me entire day!

I’m excited for what’s ahead for the NKM brand, and I hope you continue to stay along with me for the ride, and support the movement. We lit!

Thanks so much for reading stylists, and I will see you here next week.

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