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Nights Out In Neon

Oh hey Stylists, its another Magic Monday – and I’m here for it. I hope you woke up with some gratitude today. You may not be exactly where you wanna be, but you’re exactly where you should be. Keep moving and keep hustling!

Today’s post is about the beautiful mess that me and this dress went through. To be clear – I love this dress. Neon is now one of the hot trends that made its way back to the fashion scene (cuz we all know fashion repeats itself).  It fits my body shape perfectly, and I love a bodycon outfit that can bring out my small curves. It just makes you feel sexy right?

I styled this dress with a pair of black open-toed block heels that I also picked up from Forever 21. I never thought I’d wear a block heel, but okaaaaaay! It’s actually kinda cute. They are black suede and are budget friendly.

I also love neon because it looks so good on chocolate skin! I’ve always loved brighter colors on darker skin. It’s just so beautiful. This is now my favorite dress….and I can’t wait to wear it on my next date in LA LOL..yall know the dating scene here is mega rough right? I hate putting that vibe out into the Universe, and I’m REALLY trying to change my mindset on men and dating, but girl….some of the guys here are interesting.

But this post isn’t about men or dating (although one of those is coming soon!). I have to tell you what happened before me and this dress became friends.



So, we all know family vacations can be slightly stressful. Everybody wants to do different things, and everything has to fall within a certain amount of time. Boy or boy, time was NOT on my side that day. For starters, I bought this dress literally a few hours before my mom’s dinner. I got lucky….and what don’t judge me. I had nothing else to wear LOL. Anyway, the plan was too meet at the very posh and aesthetically pleasing – SUR restaurant in Beverly Hills at 6:00…..ask me what time I got there…..

The good news is – the food was AMAZING. Me and my bff ordered the salmon. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious our food was. We had no complaints! I also may or may not have gotten lit off 2 or 3 of their speciality cocktails….possibly 4.

Our waitress was nice. The atmosphere was more than pleasant, and they obvi had a cute flower wall to take photos. Yes – bloggers take photos anywhere, anytime.

Now for the not so good news…


before I sat down for dinner – I was a walking MESS.

So a little bit of some background info – my family and friend came to Cali to celebrate my mom’s birthday. I of course was happy to see everyone, but all of them got on my last nerve! (except my bff LMAO. She was right there with me in the struggle). The day of my mom’s birthday was the most stressful for me. I had every responsibility you could think of, and no one to help me. Time went by SO fast that day, that I almost think God purposely turned the clock and made the time speed up. I had to get the cake, set up the hotel room, buy a whole dress, shower, put on some basic ass makeup, and run out the door.

Let me just tell you – me and my girl Tai were the LAST ones to arrive. Not only were we behind schedule to begin with, but I stupidly called a shared Uber instead of a private one – which means we would’ve shared the ride with other people and taken a detour before we got to SUR! opps! As soon as we realized this, we jumped out the car and I called for a NEW ride. He ended up canceling. THEN we called another Uber and it took him forevvvvver to get to us. (in his defense there was a little traffic so I get it) But when you’re running late, time is so much more dramatic. Me and Tai were standing on the corner like two boujie ass girls who just finished the walk of shame. I can’t.

We finally got a car and were on our way. I also lost an earring so I was only wearing one. Again…I caaaaan’t. I was so scared my mom was going to be pissed when we finally got there, but she was actually drunk and in a decent mood by the time we arrived. I was saved! Thank you tequila.

I had so much anxiety because I was the sole planner behind her trip and birthday dinner. I had to do everything. It’s so hard for me sometimes because I’m also slightly OCD (duh) and everything has to be “perfect.” I was exhausted but also grateful to enjoy some down time. I’m surprised me and my brother didn’t have a fight though haha – if you know, you know. But well, we all made it to the restaurant, and my mom had a real good time. Afterwards, we got some drinks at the W hotel in Hollywood. My neon dress was still in tact. And still perfect.

Sometimes unexpected things happen, but you still need to show up and show out! Despite the stress that I felt – I still had a radiant light shinning through on the outside. My outfit gave me the extra boost of confidence that I needed that night. Thank you neon for making a bold and powerful comeback.


Thanks so much for reading babe, and I’ll see you in the next one! All my luv,


You can shop this look below. I linked a similar dress to mine since the one I bought is sold out. But this one is definitely still cute! Also check out more pink and green neon goodies on the homepage xo

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