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My Love Language


Friendships and relationships are very important to me. I’ve learned so many things over the past few years, as we all should.  We learn new things about ourselves and the relationships that we have with others. One thing that is very important to me, is creating boundaries and building healthy relationships. Everything that happens in the beginning of our relationships, sets the tone for how the rest of our relationship will be. If we don’t communicate properly and express how we feel, then we’ll end up frustrated and unhappy.

If you’re familiar with love languages, or have taken the love language test – then you know that Quality Time is 1 of the 5 languages. I am ALL about QT. If the person I’m with doesn’t spend time with me, then it means he doesn’t really love or care about me. I can’t be in a relationship with someone that I don’t spend real time with. I LOVE attention. That doesn’t mean that I need my man by my side 24/7, because omg who wants that! But it does mean that I want and need to spend time with my partner, and he has to be present when we’re together. He has to want to spend time with me. Everyone’s love language is different, and sometimes we have more than one. 

I was dating this guy who was charming, funny, and sweet. He took care of me when I needed it, and he made me feel important – most of the time. He wasn’t perfect and he had his flaws, but overall, he made me feel protected and safe. But he had certain habits that he picked up from his previous relationships and in his childhood, that created problems between us. No one is perfect, and we’re all flawed, but we have to communicate those emotions to our partner.

I do my best to communicate with my partner with respect. I try not to point fingers, or make them feel less of a person. I used to say to him,

“I wish you laid with me and cuddled yesterday, rather than watch a movie.”

“I like it when you put your phone down when we’re talking. It makes me feel like you’re truly listening.”

Communication is key, and it’s so essential to communicate properly. If you want to find out your own love language – take this test. And if you already know your love language, I’d love to know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading babe, and I’ll catch you next week. All my luv,


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