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How To Take Movement Photos


It’s been a crazy past few weeks here to say the least. I will admit I have been quite overwhelmed lately with my own personal problems, that I started to feel a bit lost for a second. It happens though right? But as you know – if you’ve been following me for awhile – I tell myself to keep moving. I am a huge advocate for protecting your space and making sure we all take extra care of our mental health – so please allow yourself to feel all the feels. After you go through those emotions, try your best to get up and take a small step. Just keep moving!

My inspiration for this post is – movement – not just mentally but physically. When I do anything creative, it greatly helps my mental health. I love to create. For some people, the idea of going out to stand in the middle of the street is awkward and a waste of time lol. My mom still doesn’t get it haha. But not only is it part of being a blogger, it’s also my way of relieving stress. And, its FUN. What blogger doesn’t love people yelling “you go girl” from their cars while you jump around too?

I started scrolling through my Instagram feed and noticed that I wanted to add a little bit of spice to my pics. I didn’t really know what that meant but I knew I was in the mood to try something new. Although I love my usual poses (haha), I also needed to move my body and explore some new and different poses. You get what I mean right?

One other way I’ve been trying to improve my photos is by using my tripod and iPhone to take my own pics. I love shooting with photographers, but I have so much more flexibility when I take and edit my own pics. Plus, I get to experiment with my phone settings and my fancy Canon rebel t6 camera.

If you want to see more of these shots, check out my YouTube video below – AND subscribe! I’ve been so bad staying consistent with YouTube haha but I’m getting there!


Thanks so much for reading Stylists, enjoy the rest of your week.



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