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New hair, who dis!?


So, thanks to my incredible followers on Instagram, I took a poll to see which hair color they wanted to see me in next. And yassss, they definitely picked a good one. I absolutely love being Storm, but as usual, I like to switch things up every now and then and do something different. And oh baby, this one right here is my everything.

I must say that this is my “fun” color. As soon as I looked in the mirror my sass level went all the way up. Couldn’t tell me nothin. Also, I love having straight hair again.

Recently, I took a few days to go back to Buffalo to meet with a client, and made sure to schedule in a photoshoot with one of my fave photographers, Seek Axiom. The weather wasn’t tooooo cold, so me and my girl Tai decided to hit a few spots downtown and do what we do best – pose. Ryan is really good at capturing those ‘off camera sassy’ moments, so we were able to get some really good shots. He’s used to me by now, because like I said, I can be a hot mess on set. It’s like, “how’s my hair?” “is my smize on point?” “how does my booty look?” Thank God he’s known me awhile, cuz I am slightly OCD and kind of a perfectionist. 

This bomber jacket is everything, and from the Men’s section at H&M – y’all know the first section I go to when shopping is straight to the Men’s. They just have better options sometimes! I love the edgy, street fashion look. For some reason I prefer Men’s t-shirts, jackets, and even sometimes jeans.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we did taking them. It’s always nice to connect with your faves and create real magic. That’s my creative motto – its all about surrounding yourself with people who bring out the best in you. It felt so good to connect with these two creative souls.

Thanks so much for reading babe, I’ll see you right here on NKM, xx


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