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Good Morning from Los Angeles, CA: Home Away From Home

It’s an extra Magic Monday! Today I’m blogging from my favorite cafe in my new home away from home – Los Angeles, CA!

If you can’t tell, I’m super excited. As you know from my last post, I decided to make a move and switch up the change of pace. For a long time, I was going back and forth between NYC and LA, and the Universe pointed me in the right direction. I visited Cali a few times, and loved the vibe each visit. Although I am forever an east coast girl, I’ll choose the beach over the snow anyday!

I’ve been here 3 days, and I already did a mini photoshoot on Melrose Ave. I wasted NO time finding that beautiful pink wall. Yall….this wall is everything. There was a small crowd there, which I expected, but everyone was nice and waited their turn. It felt so crazy to see a bunch of bloggers and photographers snapping pics and doing creative-y things. That’s the part that I love about LA. It’s not weird to stop anywhere on the street and take a bunch of photos or record a vlog. Everybody is on that same hustle, and I think its a beautiful thing.

I live in Beverly Hills – WHICH I LOVE. I mean….my favorite vegan cafe is a short walk from my apartment. Every morning I pass some of the most beautiful houses in the area. I’ve met a few neighbors on my block already, and they are super friendly. This is one of the safest neighborhoods in LA, as we already knew. I must say, I am fortunate to live in such a gorgeous place. It’s been raining heavily for a few days, which is actually nice. There are peaks of sunshine though, and that always makes me happy.

Now that I’m here, I’m ready to get it poppin’! I’ll be working in the fashion and music industries. There are so many opportunities within these two fields, and I’m so excited to take advantage of them. Of course it won’t be easy, but what is? My one friend asked me if I was intimidated by the large amount of creative competition, and my response was simple: I don’t look at any creative as competition. I knew what the industry was like before I came here, and I actually find joy in that. I want to be surrounded by so many different creative minds. Its funny because many of my friends always told me, “you are so LA,” because they knew I was a child of the arts and that I hated cold weather!  And well, here I am. Ready to find my way.


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Thanks so much for reading babe, I appreciate you stopping by! See ya in the next one,



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