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Why I Moved To Los Angeles

Happy Friday stylists. I hope you’re doing well, and if you’re not feeling good today, I’m sending you loads of air hugs! xx

So today’s post is one that is highly requested from so many of you, and I’m loving it! And don’t you fret guuuurl, I have a vlog going up on my YouTube channel this Sunday as well :  ) This week I’m sharing all the deets about why I moved to LA, and what my life is like here. A lot of people get very curious when anyone moves across the country, so I thought I would share a bit about why I moved to Los Angeles.

I did a post about a year ago many people were like, “wow aren’t you scared?” “do you have family out there?” “Cali is so expensive, you sure that’s a good idea?”

And so on….and so on…. I mean I’ve heard it all, and although most people are asking because they want to really know, many people’s questions come from a judgmental place. But I’m used to being judged LOL. I’ve felt different my entire life, so when I decided to pack my bags and relocate again, I didn’t even surprise myself! 

I’ve been living in SoCal for a total amount of 1 year now. A few months after Covid hit, I went back to New York to spend a few months to just chill. I needed a bit of a mental break. Sometimes you just have to hit the reset button, chill TF out for a little bit, and take a second to live in the present – which can be very hard to do. So that’s exactly what I did – and for the most part, it felt good.

But now, I’m back in lala land! And well….the Universe obvi wants me to be here right now hehe. I’m not sure for how long, but for now I’m here. 

So, why LA?

  1. Why not, LA?!
  2. The move seemed practical. I had no serious relationship, and no kids. So my decision to pack my bags and move was based on the fact that – I simply could. It was my time to be selfish.
  3. I wanted change, good weather, and to be far away as possible from my life on the east coast. Not because I hate my life in NY, but because I felt waaaaay too comfortable there. And for me, change and growth only happens when you step outside your comfort zone. 
  4. I actually like it here LOL. Don’t get me wrong, not everything. But LA works for me, for now. I blog, I take pics in the middle of Melrose Ave, and I sing, and I do creative things. So this felt like the natural place for a spicy lil girl like me to live.


  • My neighborhood is amazing. I LOVE it. I live in West Hollywood and I could not be more blessed to live in the area that I do. The best part is – I don’t need a car! Everything I need is accessible – the grocery store, the mall, CVS, thrift stores, Target (the biggest blessing), and more. For me, that was the determining factor – because I was NOT about to drive here again!
  • My independence – Although I don’t live alone, I’m sorta independent. Eventually I’ll have my own place at the right time – and if you know me that could literally mean having a tiny house in the middle of Bali LOL. But for now, my living situation works.
  • Great weather
  • Gooooooood food


  • Half the people you meet here are boujie n flaky LOL. Let’s be mad real about that. But there are some amazing, down to earth people too.
  • Traffic no bueno!
  • It definitely can take a little time to find your tribe. Lucky for me, I have a few cool peeps who I can vibe with
  • dating is hard in these streets!!!! Where the good men at??

Not everywhere is perfect, but life is what you make it wherever you go. And yes, some places are more challenging than others. I will share more details about my life here and what I do in a day, on my YouTube Channel. Don’t forget my new vlog will go up on Sunday. 

Also, peep my friend’s YouTube channel, Sit With Mia. She also lives with me in LA and she’s a great resource for anyone needing some spiritual light.

And, for anyone in LA who wants to know everything about the latest movies and tv shows, you have got to check out my friend Heather’s blog Overload in Hollywood

Before you go, don’t forget you can shop this cute pink dress on the shopping app when you follow me here!

Thank you so much for reading and stopping by. You know it means the world to me right?  

See you next week stylists,


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