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My First Two Weeks In Los Angeles

Hello babes and Happy Monday. I hope you all are having an amazing Monday so far. We’ve had some beautiful weather here in LA for the past few days – chilly but nice! I’ve officially been here almost 3 weeks. It feels like I’ve been here a lot longer. I am settling in and trying to learn everything and get familiar with the west coast vibe. I love it out here, and on my worst days, my mood is lifted as I look outside and see those sun rays and dancing palm trees. So yea…I’m slowly getting adjusted to this new life.

Today on the blog I’m giving you a closer look into my life here, and why on some days I’m low key freaking out! Change is hard, but this is a change I wanted. Lucky for me, I’m finally in a place where I always wanted to be.


My goal is to work more closely in the fashion and music industries. I want to start getting back into photoshoots, and start getting back in the studio. I have an amazing producer in Buffalo who I’m also working with this year. It’s such a blessing to have people I can always go back to in the Buff. Its definitely a challenge to find your tribe in a city like LA – that I know and have been warned! But it is possible. There’s a ton of people here, so at some point I’ll find my tribe.

What some of you may not know, is that I’m also a singer and piano/keyboardist. I’ve been in the musical world since I was about seven years old. Since my first piano lesson, I fell in love with the instrument and never looked back since. My progress in music has been slower than I wanted – mainly due to the fact that I do so many things. But I’m working on accomplishing everything I set out to do, and making the move to LA will allow me to do just that.


My short answer – yes and no. Here’s the thing – if you come from a smaller city like Buffalo, then getting to know people and make real friends is going to be a challenge. I heard before coming here that making friends can be difficult. But, its possible! The other day I woke up and was just having an off morning. Nothing was particularly wrong, I just didn’t feel my usual positive vibes. I went to the usual cafe spot that I go to, and this girl (who also goes there frequently) told me she loved my hair color. I said, thanks! We started talking from there, and had such a nice conversation. She was so friendly and those few minutes we spent talking, made my entire day. We exchanged numbers, and I got invited to her art gallery opening.

It’s so funny because this moment came in exactly the right time. I’m grateful for moments like this. So yes, its a challenge to meet new friends, but with patience, and open mind, and a positive attitude, you’ll find them!



So y’all know I have an eye for the weird and beautiful things I see around town. Many things I find beautiful, no one else does LOL. But here are a few of the gems I’ve come across lately.


the coolest hippie van in Laguna Beach, CA

I seriously wanna live and travel around the state in a hippie van! Like how cool would that be? It would be so cool to have a travel partner, pack up a van, and travel to a few cool places. I’m obsessed with this.


why is this so cool? because it has every ingredient I want in one bottle.


So I go to Green Table Cafe often, and I asked the lady if they had a celery smoothie. She said no, but they did have this bottle of juice with celery in it. I’m currently down with a cold, so I heard celery juice will fix that mess up. So I decided to get it and give it a try. Verdict: DELICIOUS. I’m sure you noticed its $9.99 LOL. Pricey for a struggling artist like myself, but it actually was worth it. I definitely won’t buy this everyday, but I will learn to make it at home – so I can save my coints!

no caption needed, but these are some beautiful palm trees


The weather and the sunshine makes me a happy girl. Every morning on my walk I pass these tall, gigantic palm trees. Like seriously, they’re huge. The best part is – they remind me of when I was living in Africa. Mozambique and Ghana have some beautiful sites like this.


linear palms while driving. (I wasn’t driving lol) I took this from behind the windshield.

I wasn’t sure this shot would come out nice because I took it from inside the car. But with some bomb ass photo editing, I was able to make it look blog-able 😉 So pretty right?


One of my plant friends. Her name is Gabby

Yes, one of my plant friends. I’m a pisces so I am a plant lady AF. I named her Gabby, and she’s so cute! I’ve never seen such pretty greenery here. She’s very fuzzy, and I have no idea what the name of this one is. I’ve definitely gotta find out though. One day I would love to have an army of plants in my home. Obsessed.


Laguna Beach, CA

Such a much needed day at the beach. Honestly I could sit here with a drink in one hand, and a veggie burger in the other – all day long. Its not warm enough to for a bikini beach day yet, but its warm enough to chill by the shore and have some moments of reflection. I can’t wait to come back and have a real beach day.


Rasta Taco in Laguna Beach, CA

If you’re in Laguna and you want some good tacos – GO HERE. I got 3 veggie tacos and they hit the spot! They have a small area with outdoor seating. It’s a nice place to have lunch while you’re walking around the neighborhood. And, how cool is this van? Like obsessed.


me pretending not to pose at Rasta Tacos

Obvi had to get that candid-but-not-candid shot for the blog! I was definitely laughing on purpose – nothing was funny – but I had to capture how much fun I was having this day. I don’t take life too seriously anymore ;  )



I appreciate you coming here each and every week. Be sure to keep up with everything that’s happening in my latest adventures on Instagram. I’ll catch you in the next one babe. All my luv! xx,


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