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How I Take My Instagram Photos Without A Photographer: 5 Easy Tips

Fall weather in LA can be as unpredictable as the hairstyle I decide to wear each week! Although it’s generally chilly during this time of year, we’ve had some beautiful and warm days which always work in my favor. 

In today’s post I’m sharing with you 5 ways to take your Instagram and blog photos without a photographer. Let’s get right into it…

In order to snap and shoot your own pics, you’ll need three things:

  • your iPhone
  • a tripod
  • and a Bluetooth remote

I absolutely love my tripod / ring light which came with the Bluetooth. Find it here!

Now that we have the essentials, I’ll share the tips that I use to get the perfect IG photo.

  1. Find the right space – If you’re shooting outside, use your neighborhood as your photoshoot background. I walk around my hood until I find a spot that I can set up my tripod. I typically find a spot where my tripod can stand securely, and where there isn’t a lot of foot traffic. 
  2. Find the right lighting – oh henny, lighting is everything! I personally love shooting pics in the sunlight since I’m using my iPhone. I find it easier to edit my pics when the lighting is brighter. Find that shine bebb
  3. Take a few test shots with confidence – once you prop your tripod and turn on that Bluetooth remote, snap a few pics to get you in the mood. Do some practices poses, and do a hair flip. The most important thing to remember is to not worry about people who walk or drive by. People will stare! But that’s ok lol. I’ve been doing this for so long, so it never bothers me anymore. If anything I give them a show 😆
  4. Position the Bluetooth properly – so there’s a couple different ways to actually take the pic: pressing the remote button on the bluetooth, OR setting the timer on your iPhone to 10 seconds, posing, then awaiting for the pic to snap. I prefer to hold the Bluetooth in my hand and snap my pics that way. It’s just easier than going back and forth between to your phone. And, it’s quicker! I always hold my remote a certain way too so you can’t tell it’s even there.
  5. Pose like nobody’s watching! – bring a dose of confidence with you girl, and act like you’re walking down the runway. It can feel a little awkward sometimes, but you’ll get better and feel more comfortable the more you do it. 

I know sometimes the struggle can be real, because we don’t always have a photographer or friend to take our photos. Creating content however is a must for us bloggers. So I would suggest learning how to be self-sufficient and reliable so that your creative wheels keep spinning. Use the resources that you already have!

I hope these tips have helped you, and I also hope you create content that you LOVE.

Thanks so much for reading stylists. See you next week! 

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