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How To Become An Instagram Influencer


If you frequently watch my Insta stories, then you know that I often talk about what it means to be an Influencer and a Creative. Of course, these are all just my opinions, but I’ve learned many things along my creative journey. Trust me, there’s a lot of lessons to learn in this job! I’ve always made it my goal to share as much information I can with my followers. When I started blogging there wasn’t really anybody to tell me the do’s and don’t’s. So, I’m here to tell you some of these things!

Before we get into it…..

What does make me an Instagram Influencer? Well, it’s not my ability to promote products and sell them. I mean, that’s part of the job, right? But what really makes me an Influencer is the relationship I’ve worked so hard to build between me and my audience. That’s the shit that matters. Everyday I show up. I stay as consistent as possible. I put in the time. I plan out my content. I come up with weekly themes. My audience knows what to expect from me, and that’s what I think is the secret. By no means am I perfect, or the most popular girl on Instagram, but I keep going and create the right content for my audience. At the end of the day, this whole thing really ain’t about me! But I do use certain techniques and practices that help me grow as an Influencer everyday.

As you read along in this post, keep this in mind:

TINY – Their Interests, Not Yours.

Everything from brand collabs, the products that you promote, all the way down to your entire online audience, has to be about THEM. You can’t be successful as an Influencer if you don’t have the right audience to influence, right? You have to make sure their interests are number one, otherwise you don’t have a platform to grow from. With that said let’s get into the tips + tricks.

Helpful Tips For The Blossoming Influencer

Every time you post on Instagram, you are essentially branding yourself. Not only are you showing your audience a piece of your brand, you’re also showing brands what you can do to advertise their product. They are always watching how you share your content. So, in order to keep track of your stats and how well your posts are doing, switch your personal account to a business account. Instagram is pretty good analytic tool.

Focus on one of two specific niche’s for your content. Think of a product that you love and use everyday. For example, are you obsessed with Milani Cosmetics matte lipsticks? These are the kinds of products you can start sharing and “soft advertising” on your Instagram without any collab. Show the brand that you’ve already started promoting their products. They will see this and notice it.

Along those lines, please please NEVER promote something that you don’t believe in. It’s just not a good look! Anything you share with your audience should be authentic and honest. Imagine if I accepted a collab with a pet grooming company. As much as I love dogs, my brand has nothing to do with pets or pet grooming. It would be completely random, and would confuse my audience. The point is – don’t take an opportunity just because its presented to you. Be picky!

Always tag and mention the brand that you’re wearing or promoting! Also, tag any brands in your niche that you’d like to work with. I’ve had several reposts and mentions by small and  big brands. That’s the ultimate end goal. You want to be noticed. I frequently tag mylifeoo by using their hashtag because I’m obsessed with their brand. They then reposted one of my IG posts and I wasn’t even expecting it! – I love that! A little cute pink jacket and a hashtag landed me on their page.

How do you pitch yourself?

  1. Be bold babe girl! Go to the company’s website and find their contact info.
  2. Find out who is running their social media and PR. LinkedIn is a great place to find this.
  3. Send your Media Kit along with a short and simple personal email – your name, the name and URL of your blog, and why you’re interested in working with them. Always mention that you’ve attached your media kit in the email.
  4. Finally, follow up!

Sign up for Affiliate Platforms

In a recent post I talked about the affiliate marketing program that I’m currently using, ShopStyle Collective. You can read that post here.  Some platforms are very easy to get into, others are more competitive. On every platform, you can sign up as an Influencer, Creator, or Individual. 

Each platform varies, so be sure to do a little research before you pick the one that’s right for you. Keep in mind, some are VERY specific in terms of what they’re looking for – Instagram posts, product reviews, blog posts, etc. Every one is different. If you have questions about which one you should join, please reach out to me and I’ll help you choose.

Here’s a small list of platforms that you can check out. There’s literally tons, but here is a list I complied so far.

Be active

The more active you are on social media, the better! I typically post every 2 days, but I’m starting to get in the habit of posting every day. Why? Because you don’t want to be easily forgotten! Ok, I know, that sounds a bit dramatic, but you get what I mean.

Use a Instagram scheduling app such as Planoly. They also give insight and analytics.

Look at it like this – there are SO many creators out there. Why should people listen to you? Because you MAKE them.

  • You show up everyday.
  • You’re showing up in your Insta stories.
  • You create polls and ask your loyal followers to vote on what they want to see.
  • You LISTEN to your audience. Again – T.I.N.Y.

At the end of the day, we are all Influencers in some way. Our brand is a direct representation of who we are. So be mindful every time you create a post. Your audience is watching, and other brands are watching.


That’s all I’ve got for now ladies and gents,


If you have any questions, reach out to me on Instagram – and give me a follow if you haven’t already! I’ll catch you in the next one babes, all my luv xx



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