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Graffiti Alley X Baltimore

Oh hey Graffiti Alley… are MAGIC

I’ve only been in Baltimore for a few days, and of course I had to make my way to this place. It really is magic – and no I’m not being dramatic. For a girl like me who is at her happiest , I was definitely in my element. If you’ve been following me for a long time, then you know that I love the urban and industrial back drops. I always use my neighborhood as my photoshoot playground. I like the realness. The places you don’t have to try and make ‘pretty’

Graffiti Alley is located in the States North Arts and Entertainment District of Baltimore. Shaped like an L, you can find so many gems on these walls. Every inch was full of color – even the trash cans and garbage bins. So dope! I also found a shopping cart that was covered in paint. Naturally, I stopped to take a pic….because how could I not?

I learned that this alley isn’t even visible from North Street, so many Baltimoreans don’t even know its there. Crazy right. But it is a bit hidden. Also, this is the only legal spot in Baltimore City where local graffiti artists can practice their art without fear of getting arrested – so that’s a plus!

Its crazy how the Universe works though. Coming to this spot was in the midst of a tough transformation for me. I was feeling pretty defeated and overwhelmed, but then I came here. I felt a wave of energy in seconds. If you aren’t a blogging freak like me, you may not understand. But if you are someone who falls in love with bright walls that tell stories, then you totally get it. I hope you enjoy the photos, and have a chance to visit this place on your own one day.

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See you next week stylists, xo.


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