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It’s March And It’s 2020: Get Visual!

Is it seriously March already?! This year is flying by. A lot has happened already so far in 2020, and well, I am living in the moment each and every single day. 

Living with INTENTION of course.

One of the intentional moves I made this year, was the decision to finally start a podcast with my bestie – Tai of Freckles Fashion and Flaws. We talked about this idea several times, and this year we finally decided to just do it. I love to talk (well usually. I can be shy at times too!) so I knew this would be a great platform for me to express myself in a different way. Our podcast is a chance for us to share our stories, talk about our lives, and still build a community in the process – and who better to share this experience with than my best friend?

You can listen to our podcast on Apple podcasts, Spotify, and through our website. SO exciting!




Now let’s talk about how YOU can get visual. Here’s what I do know:

brands with a visual element to their platform have a higher rate of client growth, have an increase in followers, and reach a wider audience. Before I got my YouTube Channel and started my podcast, I strictly relied on my blog, Instagram and Twitter.  Now don’t get me wrong – Instagram is still the most popular social media app for creatives and influencers (although Tik Tok is coming through hard LOL) but there is more to branding than just posting pictures. If Instagram were to shut down for a day – could your audience still reach you? Moreso, can you find them?

If you want to build a lucrative and influential brand:

You need to get VISUAL.

Gone are the days where you only needed a blog and social media. Just like technology changes, so does the nature of your brand!

Nowadays, people want to “see” a face behind the brand. Your audience is craving a connection with you. If you haven’t already thought about going visual, you might want to re-visit that thought.


I know that some of you may be an introvert, and it can be hard to get in front of a camera or bring your voice to a public online platform. Let’s be real, its even hard for us extroverts! But starting a podcast is a great way to get visual even if you’re introverted. 

When it comes to starting a podcast – it’s so beneficial to have your own voice on a platform that YOU can control. Do it solo, or do it with your best friend. When you have your own channel, you have the power of influence. Also, its easier to attract clients and other brand collabs because they have a voice to go with the name. One of the main reasons why I love having a podcast – besides the fact that I get to share my voice with the outside community – is that people can listen to your podcast while they’re literally doing something else. Podcasts are meant to be convenient. Podcasts are the new wave babes! 

I’ve spoken in the past about YouTube, and regardless of how saturated the YT market is, it is still worth creating video content will definitely build your brand in the right direction. I myself, still need to grow in YouTube and really build my audience – but everything takes time, patience and hard work. You got this babe.

I hope these tips have helped and that you are thinking about ways that your can visualize your brand. 2020 is your year my girl, ready to conquer it? 



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