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Spring breakthrough X fashion in fishnets

Ok first thing first – hooray for warmer weather and new summer fashion! I know its not officially summer, nor is the weather up to my standards yet, but I’m happy I can walk outside in this outfit instead of 4 layers underneath a winter jacket. Also I’ve probably drank more coffee today than a room full of college kids during finals week. I’ve been jittery all damn week! I feel pressured at times to keep up with everything, but hey, its part of the hustle. I’m also happy though to be looking for an Intern! Lord knows I need one. Hopefully I’ll have a new member on my team within the next few weeks.

This week it’s all about E y e c a n d y – drops tomorrow!! I’ve put together a small kollection of Vintage pieces featuring fashion from the 1960’s to the 1990’s. Hand-picking these items are so much fun but can also be a challenge, because I always want the best of the best. It’s not only about what I like, but its also about what my customer would like. Combine that with getting together the packaging, shipping labels, and everything else that an online boutique owner deals with, I’m officially ready for a vacation!

In the meantime….

I was all netted up this past weekend with my band mates at our latest show. The weather was nice out (during the day) but by night my little legs were freezing. I mean….I’d rather look cute than be warm, amirite? As usual, I’m wearing my converse – along with black fishnets, dark denim shorts, a white crop top, and a camo bomber jacket. I love wearing fishnets to complete any denim look. Issa vibe yanno what I mean?

What are some of your favorite summer looks? Let me know if the comments – AND – drop your Instagram handle so I can follow you and check out your style

Thanks for reading Stylists, see you next week xx


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