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Fall ’18 Fashion Trends

As much as I don’t like to admit it – Summer is quickly ending and a new season is a comin’! Don’t get me wrong, I love Fall because of all the cute fashion, but its just another reminder that winter is next. (I basically mention that I hate winter in like 95% of my posts…#extra)

But its no secret that Fall is one of the most favorite seasons by many. Fashion is always changing and repeating itself, so I thought I would share the top trends for the Fall….

Animal Print – One of my friends absolutely loves animal print, and she looks really good in it! I’m not sure I could pull any of these looks off, but I definitely am going to try. I love the way these print jackets look though. Leopard print has always been in, but now we’re starting to see a lot of tiger. Okaaayy…I think I like it. Out of these 3, the design by Victoria Beckham is my favorite – obvi because I am obsessed with anything and everything….Victoria Beckham.

From left: Proenza Schouler, Victoria Beckham, and Michael Kors

Statement Coats – Ok, I LOVE all of these. You just might find me walking down the street in a style like this. The boots on the long faux fur coat tho! So dope. I actually like the boldness of these coats. A bold and loud jacket makes everything in life so much better.

From left: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Givenchy

Prints Upon Prints – Its NO secret that I am obsessed over prints. I feel in love with African print when I lived in Ghana, and have been a fan of mixing patterns very since. These outfits are everything. You can mix leopard with flowers, and it still looks good. It’s all about wearing the right clothing that fits your personality. Own it girl. 

From left: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Michael Kors, and Anna Sui

The Return of Ruching – Not gonna lie, I used to hate these kind of skirts lol. The fit always felt weird around my thighs, but we are starting to see more of this on the runway. Rushing does help elongate your frame and accentuate your curves. I would say the last style would be my favorite. I’m also a sucker for puffy sleeves.

Red Everywhere – Yes you’re seeing it right. I ACTUALLY posted a photo on my blog of not one, but 3 red outfits. This was hard to do because I absolutely hate red! Oooo girl….I cannot lie. I will rock a bright red lipstick, but when it comes to wearing red? It not me. BUT everyone else looks good in it! Red is a color that will never fade, and these styles prove just that. If I had to wear one of these outfits, it would be the Oscar de la Renta because its the only model not wearing red shoes lol…

From left: Tibi, Oscar de la Renta, and Sally LaPointe

Plenty of Plaid – I used to hate wearing plaid, but now I love it. Every time I wore a plaid shirt it reminded me of the movie Clueless, but that’s a good thing. I love retro 90’s fashion, and wearing plaid takes me back to that time. Pretty sure the plaid look is not going out of style anytime soon.

From left: Derek Lam, Michael Kors, and Marc Jacobs

80’s Western – I never rocked a pair of cowboy boots, but hey….one of these days I just might. With the return of the 80’s a few seasons ago, designers have now started to mix in those old Western vibes – the exaggerated shoulders, cowboy prints, fringe, and snakeskin booties. I love when two different eras of fashion mix together. I definitely would never rock those gloves, but the rest of the outfit is cute. My favorite is the piece worn by designer, Tibi.

From left: Calvin Klein, Zimmermann, and Tibi

I hope you enjoyed these Fall ’18 looks and styles. Be sure to always check out my Insta stories where I share my favorite fashion celebs on #WardrobeWednesdays!

Thanks for reading loves, and see ya in the next one. Nkay,xx

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