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3 Fall Styles You Will Love

Ok, there are a few things I like about Fall – it is nice to wear big, cozy sweaters, leggings, a cute pair of boots, and leather jackets. And yes, it’s also nice to drink a hot latté surrounded by the crisp air. This season I decided to “step up” my Fall fashion game, since I’m usually seen in edgy street fashion. I’m sure many people assume I hate wearing heels or getting dressed up, but that couldn’t be any more far from the truth! I love me a glamor look. And these next three looks are perfect for the new season.

Hot pink

Pink is one of my favorite colors – obvi. I love wearing hot pink. It’s such a bold color, and it makes me feel like a boss when I wear it. My top is from my own Eyecandy Kollection. It’s a wrap around top that has shoulder puffs. Sooooo cute. I’m obsessed with retro, vintage fashion. I styled this outfit with a pair of men’s style business checkered pants from H&M. They are so cute, and fit my waist perfectly. It’s very rare that pants actually fit my waist! Then I wore these gorg pink heels from Christian Siriano.



Olive Love

I mean….honestly….olive is just my color now! I’m becoming obsessed with it. I styled this outfit while playing dress up inside LOFT’s fitting room. So many good fall fashion goodies there by the way. This leather jacket tho….GOALS. I love to wear these off the shoulder. In the Fall, it can add a layer of warmth – which is always necessary for people who are always cold like me! When you wear your jacket over the shoulders, make sure to keep your outfit interesting and unique. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colors. My skirt is a soft cotton blend with an elastic waist. And of course, I had to rock a white Tee with this outfit. I prefer to wear more solid and minimal colors underneath a colored leather jacket. It makes the jacket pop too.


And my last look for today is this GORGEOUS Diamond Tie Waist Dress. I love the tie because it accentuates my waist, and the pattern is so pretty. I’m on the shorter side (in my pics I look like I’m a little taller) but when you’re 5’4” you just love a short dress with heels. It makes your legs look longer. Ironically I’m a short girl with long legs, does that make any sense? But this dress is affordable and perfect for all body shapes. I just love it!

I hope you enjoyed these looks as much as I loved wearing them! Playing dress up is so fun. Let me know in the comments what your favorite looks for the Fall season are. Thanks for reading babe, and I’ll see ya in the next one.


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