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My Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends For Fall 2021

I can’t believe summer is almost over….it’s like, did I even really beach bro? It’s a little embarrassing that I live in California and haven’t gone to the beach as much as I should. But that’s ok, I got time 😉 It is however, time to start thinking about Fall Fashion. I never liked fall because it meant that winter was right around the corner, but I must say the trends and styles of the fall have definitely grown on me.


These are my top 5 favorite fall fashion trends for 2021, and girl are they juicy….

My top pick goes to…

90’s Fashion – Will this ever go out of style? Nope! I love this fashion era, and of course as we all know history repeats itself. I don’t think 90’s fashion will ever go out of style. We’re starting to see more fashionistas wearing tall square-toe boots, ankle socks, oversized cardigans, and silk slip dresses over a white t-shirt. I love black military boots with a knee-length dress btw…


Cutouts – I recently bought a few dresses with the stomach cutout, and I love it. Couldn’t tell me nothin! It’s such a cute and sexy look, and accentuates your curves. Cutouts also add a touch of sex appeal to your outfit too. You can rock a cutout top underneath a jacket, or wear a sexy Fall dress for date night. Either way, get chu some cutout styles into your wardrobe.  


Saturated Hues – I am living for this one! It’s about time we started seeing more pops of color in fashion. I love bright pinks, yellows and greens. Color always has a way of brightening up your mood and those around you. I’ve always said that mixing prints, patterns and colors will spice up your outfit and give it the saturated tone that it needs.



Baggy Denim – This one is a no-brainer. Denim will never go out of style. I love me some skinny jeans, but I’ve recently fell in love with over-sized baggy mom jeans. The latest pair I found was from Zara. SO cute. I’d say, rock a pair of loose-fit denim with a sexy tight top, or a cute puff jacket.  


Glitter & sequins – yall know I love me a touch of sparkle. Incorporating this into your fall outfits will add a touch of edge. Its also no secret that I love retro fashion. Shiny metallics are IN. Also, sequins make you look expensive and classy. You don’t always have to wear sparkle for the music festivals – this trend equally works for day-to-day errands. Work it sis…

Fashion is forever changing and evolving, but all styles repeat themselves (hello fanny pack, amirite?) I hope you enjoyed this post, and I will definitely share more fall fashion trends next week. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more of my looks and styles.

Thank you so much for reading bebb, xx


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