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How To Look Expensive: 7 Tips To Help You Look And Feel Like Luxury

Ok…so we’ve all heard the term “fake it till you make it.” There is no shame in that! It doesn’t matter if you’re ballin’ on a budget or have five outfits in your closet – I’m gonna teach you how to look and feel, expensive – cuz when you look good, you feel good.

Simplify your make-up look – I always feel like a minimal and clean makeup look helps emphasize your natural beauty. Try a little powder/foundation, a nude color lipstick, and a touch of mascara. Stay away from dark eyeshadows and go for a light shade of gold, for example. Less is more!

Keep your hair laced, sis  – you can rock a straight look or a curly style – anything goes. Just make sure your edges are laid, your hair is clean, and you look and feel put-together. There’s nothing more attractive than a neat, styled and sexy hair-do.

Nails – So if you know me in real life, you know that I never step outside without my nails done! It’s just not possible lol. I personally love different nail colors, lengths and styles. But if you really want to pull off the expensive look, I’d try wearing a set of nude, light pinks, or clear polish nails. Typically, the shorter the better, but I equally love my long nails. 

Clothing – Pay attention to the fabrics that you wear. Cotton, satin, and silk are all great options. Also, a clean pair of skinny jeans with a heel can also do the trick. Try to wear clothing that is tailored to your body in neutral colors, so that you can show off those curves. Also, use Pinterest! This is my favorite app for finding fashion inspo. You’ll find a ton of outfit inspo on there.

Jewelry & Accessories – Let’s keep our jewelry soft, minimal and chic. Stay away from large hoop earrings, and go for a diamond stud or pearl. Again, the smaller the better. I always love to wear a chic looking watch or a simple bracelet. Accessories are everything in an outfit! Don’t forget those sunglasses either sis. Nothing adds a touch of luxury than a pair of black shades.

Smell good – rock that fragrance honey. Wearing the perfect perfume is the icing on the cake. You always want to make sure you smell good. I have a day perfume and a night fragrance, and I always make sure I smell amazing no matter where I’m going. 

Smile & look approachable – I know almost every woman has been told by a chauvinistic man to smile lol, so in no way am I saying to smile because of a man. But what I am saying is, when you look friendly and approachable, you receive more respect and kindness from people. Now you don’t have to necessarily walk down the street with a smile glued to your face, but give off that vibe when you walk into a room, restaurant, or social gathering. It’s ok to smile and be friendly with others. To all the girls (including me at times) that have a resting bitch face, let’s work on our expressions lol. The reality is – people treat you better when you act more approachable, and when you put out those happy, positive vibes into the Universe, that energy always comes back ; )

I hope these tips helped you and gave you a little inspiration to look and feel more luxurious. Fake it till you make it sis!

Thanks so much for reading, you are so appreciated. Cheers to the weeknd bebb xx 

  • Gloria Diana Quaye
    January 6, 2022

    All your photos are BEAUTIFUL.

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