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Oh Hey, I’m COCO

I water my garden daily…that’s important. I remembered this powerful quote by Lala Delia – remembering who you are is how you take your power back.  That part. I’ve forgotten who I am many times, but I can shamelessly admit that. On most days however, I’m fully within my power. I’m forever growing, forever learning, forever searching. welcome to my space – alien art thru visuals and sound. ♡



I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for over 10 years. Just WOW. To be fair I bought the domain but didn’t do anything with it for awhile….buuuut, this blog has introduced me to so many amazing opportunities – meeting new bloggers, attending Influencer events, working as a stylist at LA Fashion Week, and probably the coolest one: Editorial Modeling. I’ve done alot, but honestly have a long way to go. NKM is my baby project that just keeps growing. Also, what kind of Pisces would I be if I didn’t write?! This is my therapy. This is my home. Stay awhile…

I do many things...

and have many passions, but but music is my greatest strength. It's where I connect my voice to my soul...and it's pretty freakin awesome. ♪

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