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Cocktails & Convos on Melrose

To say that the Universe is working for me right now would be an understatement. Bring me allll of the goodness! I had the most incredible weekend with my girl and fellow boss babe, Kelly Bedore. Born and raised in Toronto, Kelly works as a flight attendant for a private jet, and runs her own business empowering women to go from stuck to slay in their lives and business. Such a Queen! I found Kelly on Instagram almost a year ago and asked her if she would like to be featured in my weekly interview blog series, The Boss Diary. She happily said yes, and we’ve been following and supporting each other ever since.

We finally met each other in person this past Friday, and I could not be more obsessed. The Universe brought us together right here in Los Angeles. We decided to meet up, take a few (a ton) of photos, and explore some cute spots around LA. 

First stop on the list?

This wall is SUCH a great backdrop for any of you blogger babes. I love the grey colors and minimalistic vibes. You can find this wall on Melrose Ave., just a few blocks away from our second photo destination.



If you haven’t yet been to this spot and you have a love for pink, then this is it. You’ll definitely know it when you see it. There’s always a crowd and sometimes a line to take your photo. But it’s all part of the creative fun. That’s one thing I love about LA – it’s never weird to stand just about anywhere and get your pic taken. Obsessed right?




After taking a ton of pics at the wall, we decided to take a break from the heat and cool down with an iced coffee. We sat down for a bit, did a little chit chat, and literally did some major people watching lol. I think I need to schedule a work sesh at Alfred’s one of these days. It has a cute little vibe with a big personality.




I mean, right? This is one of my new favorite places in LA. I ordered the quinoa bowl with a margarita, and Kelly ordered the blackened salmon salad with a mimosa. Can we say yes to healthy meals and day drinking? It was so funny because our waiter offered Kelly a pitcher of mimosas instead of a glass, hashtag dyingggg. We skipped on the pitcher, but definitely will come back in the future for more. There’s a few bars around the restaurant, as well as indoor and outdoor seating. You can go here for a first date, or be super casual in workout clothes and have lunch with a friend. We approve and highly recommend.


It was so nice to have some one on one girl time! This is just one of the reasons why I love social media. Kelly went from being featured in my blog to hanging out with me in my new home away from home. Thank you Universe. We talked about everything from our business goals to the latest dating app haha…..yall know nothing is off limits! This girl has big things coming her way, and I can see the passion inside her. It’s so funny how we connect with people who we vibe with. She is so inspiring to me, and makes me want to work even harder. It’s moments like these that I never take for granted….

If you leave with one thing, let it be this – sometimes all you need is to say a simple “hello,” to spark a new friendship….cocktails and convos never fail <3

I appreciate you stopping by. See you next week, and all my luv xx

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