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How To De-clutter And Organize Your Closet

As part of my New Year goals (I prefer to call them goals instead of resolutions), I cleaned out and completely re-organized my closet. Girl! This took some time because I have so many clothes (and I shamefully admit, I don’t wear them all). Yes, there were clothes that still had tags, while other clothes have been collecting dust at the bottom of my storage bins.

I had to make a change….

So the first thing I did was get some inspo from one of my favorite digital places on earth – Pinterest! I looked up closet organizing ideas, and found soooo much good stuff.

Since my closet is on the smaller side, I decided to only have clothes, shoes and accessories that fit my minimal color scheme. Everything is in the black, nude, denim and grey range. I then put all my colored shirts and outfits inside my drawers that are in the bathroom. Maybe its just me, but I like having some of my clothes in the bathroom! My double vanity has so much drawer space, so I decided to use that as well.

So, here is what I came up with…


The base is an old storage bin that I covered with a white sheet. I did this to make a little table which would add more space to put some of my shoes. The rest of my heels and sneakers are hanging on the left. At the top there is a cute little inspirational quote that I love that says breathe deep, enjoy life. In the middle is a cute little vintage-looking basket that has a few towels in side, followed by my favorite perfume by Victoria’s Secret, Tease, and my favorite pink blush handbag from H&M.

Then of course are my top picks that I hung inside my closet. I have so many sparkly and glittery clothes, so naturally, these are in the front. I also have a few of my fave sweaters, blazers and jackets. I’m obsessed with blazers! I think they make any look a bit more stylish and business-casual.

Here are a few of my quick tips if you need to do a little organizing of your own:

  1. start with a cup of coffee, sit down, and spend some time gathering inspo from Pinterest! You wanna feel motivated and inspired to actually take on this new project.
  2. separate the clothes that you actually wear vs. the clothes that you don’t need (the ones you don’t need, give them away or store them in a storage bin)
  3. once you have the clothes you want to keep, organize them according to color, OR styles. I like to reach in my closet and know exactly where everything is.
  4. Add some cute photos or decorations in your closet – just to give it some extra sass. (your closet should have its own attitude, right?)
  5. Hang your purses and/or multiple pieces of clothing on a hanger to save space. Utilizing all your space is important, so get creative and have fun while doing it!

So that’s it ladies. I’m going to show a full YouTube Video of all the details of the pieces hanging up in my closet, and which pieces I’m absolutely in love with.

For now, follow me on Pinterest so we can share more cute decor and fashion ideas!

Thanks so much for reading babe xx

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