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Keep It Casual But Make It Fashion


Me and my blogger babe, Marine, had an impromptu West Hollywood photoshoot. When we see an eye-catching background, we go for it. One of the pro’s of living in LA, is that my neighborhood is the perfect photoshoot background. There are so many hidden gems in LA, and I love it. Its a vibe.

Since we wore similar print pants, we naturally had to photograph it. Also, were we extremely extra taking these shots? Very. I’ve always been comfortable with people watching me take photos, but in LA its just the norm. So never feel shy. Embrace the extra-ness!



T-shirt: Charge Buffalo (I cut mine to make it a crop top….because hashtag that’s me)

Pants: Eyecandy Collection for NKM (sold out!)

Footwear: Converse

Hair: by me! Pink hair is my everything


If you want to keep it casual but also add a touch of posh to your outfit, try wearing a flashy pair of pants. I personally love prints because they can really make an outfit pop. Wear a graphic tee to keep the outfit simple. And of course, rock your fave pair of chucks. White sneakers pretty much go well with everything, so definitely try adding this to your outfit.

And that’s it! When you’re out and about, you want to feel comfortable. Don’t over-do it girl!

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Thanks so much for reading babe, and I’ll catch you in the next one! All my lux, xo


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