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Missing all of the Buffalo feels today! Although life here in Baltimore has been pretty sweet, I am missing TF outta my friends, my fave cafe spots, and my weekly photoshoots! I’ve been struggling finding my ‘girl boss’ groove since I moved here, but I am slowly finding my inner Stella. Gettin’ that groove back! It’s funny because I didn’t even think I would actually come here. But the Universe never lies. I always listen to the stars, and I don’t ignore the signs. Everything was pointing to this city, even though I was feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. But, lucky for me, I’m one strong chick! Being here makes me continually grateful for where I came from. And I came from the Buff! So today I decided to share one of my favorite Buffalo photoshoots to date.

This past summer, I linked up with an amazing photographer, Sam DeMartin. I love her work. Like love it. Her photos are so bright, colorful and fun. Also, she has the patience of a God because I can be a during a photoshoot. I just have to get my angles right though yanno?


I’m wearing a vintage Notorious BIG t-shirt that I found in TJ Maxx. Cost me $7.99. #winning. My camo pants are from H&M, and these were only $18. Shopping while saving them coints! And of course, I am in love with this purple hair. I miss this look and yea, I’ve already decided I’m going back to it. Just for a bit yanno, because my hair color switches depending on my mood. But for now, I’ll remain Storm…and I’ll always be proud to be Buffalo-made. 


I hope you are great. That you’re winning. That you’re happy. And that no matter where you are, what you’re doing, or what happened in your past, that you focus on the present. You focus on YOU. Sending all my love.


Thanks so much for reading babe, and I’ll catch you next week.

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