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My Reverse Bucket List: 10 Things I’ve Already Done

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of having a bucket list. Time is the only constant in this life, and it’s so important we set goals, create lists, and do all of the things we want to do! Let’s get into my reverse bucket list.

  1. Travel to Africa – since I can remember I have always wanted to travel to the Motherland, and I couldn’t wait to visit Ghana (where my dad’s family is from). I am forever in LOVE with Africa, and maybe live there for another period of time one day.
  2. Join the Peace Corps – After college I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but helping people while having the opportunity to travel sparked my interest. I served as a community health volunteer in Mozambique, Africa. One word – AMAZING
  3. Move to LA – oh this was gonna happen, I just didn’t know when. I visited Cali about three times before making the decision to finally move. I actually like living in West Hollywood, and love the lifestyle (despite the cost of living and stuck up people lol, by the way not everyone here is a douchebag. I’ve met some amazing people here)
  4. Perform on stage – Since high school I knew I was meant to be a performer and live in the creative arts. From singing and acting in Cabaret, to singing on stage at Mohawk – my dream of sharing my talents in front of an audience has come true. (and of course we can’t wait for more of that, right?)
  5. Learn a new language – I took Spanish in high school, but never became fluent. It wasn’t until I traveled to Mozambique and learned how to speak and write Portuguese. I still practice the language with a good friend of mine to this day. Such a beautiful language to speak!
  6. Travel to London and watch “The Changing of the Guards” Ceremony at Buckingham Palace – check! Oh yes, this happened. In high school I took a trip to Europe, and London was the first stop. I love me some London. The entire city is a vibe. But one of the things I’ve always wanted to do was the watch the guards march into the palace. Is the Queen watching this too? Idk, but I felt like she was there 😉 
  7. Visit Hawaii – omg this place is breathtaking. I traveled here for a conference, and could not get over the beauty and culture of Honolulu. I can’t even put into words what this place was really like, but I cried when I left. Take me BACK. 
  8. Start a blog – This was inevitable. NKM is my third blog after starting my very first travel blog literally ten years ago! Time flies when you’re on a never-ending adventure, amirite? I always knew I was going to be my own version of a ‘writer,’ and starting a blog has given me my own little platform and allowed me to meet new and amazing people.
  9. Get paid for a model gig – this finally happened this year. I had no idea what type of paid job I would get, but I knew it was going to be something new and creative. Then out of the blue I got a call from a college friend asking me to be her model for a brand she was representing. Ummm YES, sign me UP. It was such a fun and magical experience. 
  10. Be a guest on a podcast – I’m what I’d call an ‘extrovert introvert.’ I love talking but could never EVER do public speaking. So the idea of a podcast was always appealing to me. My friend Taylor Rae asked me to be a guest on her podcast, and it was just incredible. It’s a little weird hearing yourself (and I sound so young and premature haha) but it was such an amazing experience.

Thank you so much for reading Stylists, it means the world to me that you stopped by. Sending love, xx


  • Diana Quaye
    January 6, 2022

    OMG! You have done so many exciting things with your life in the last few years. Knowing that every adventure was a good experience should make you very PROUD of your ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

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