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Why You Need A Brand Mood Board

So, what is a mood board exactly? Brand mood boards are a collage of images used to depict the ideal look and feel (the theme) for your brand. It helps you create a clear vision that you will need for your digital platforms. Creating a mood board is the first step I take when designing a brand for my client. This will help us put together everything we need in order to lay out the foundation for a kick ass brand. So why do we need a mood board?

  1. It helps you create a well put together look – Have you ever scrolled through an Instagram business or blog account and their feed looked disorganized and confusing? That’s because there is no theme that goes along with their brand. The most important thing you must remember is to stay consistent. By creating a mood board, you create a visual representation of how your brand should look. This is like your “brand blueprint” Here is my mood board for Nkmstyling.

I use images that help remind me what my brand is all about. Its a way to motivate my brand and put all the pieces together. You can always change your mood board from time to time to give it a fresh look as well.

  1. It helps you gain recognition online – The more your audience and followers see the same brand style – the content you produce online – the more they will recognize you. My theme uses the same colors, same fonts, and same content. So when my audience sees my content, they recognize that its from me. My mood board helps me keep my brand in check!
  2. It helps you look more professional – When it comes time to collab with other brands and start future projects, you want to make sure you have your vision together. In other words, your mood board will help you establish a marketing concept or campaign approach. How impressed would your business partner be if you showed up with a clear visual of what you wanted for your project? Also this will save time. Instead of heading into your first meeting trying to come up with ideas, you will already have ideas on your board. Makes sense right?

Want to create your own Mood Board?

Well that’s easy, and its super fun. There are two ways to do this – the old fashioned way – using magazines, scissors, glue and a white board, or the digital way – using an app like Canva or Pinterest to create a grid. I personally like both.

Pinterest is nice because you can add and delete images whenever you like, while most mood boards are .jpg images that need to be edited if changes are required. So that’s the beauty of Pinterest. It has a bit more flexibility.

Canva is great too though, and that’s what I used to create the one you see here. Its an easy way to put images in your mood board. You can make any size grid you chose and there are a ton of layout options. To create a template, click on Elements and then Grids. Choose a grid you like and drop your images into each box. They will automatically fit the size of your template. When you’re finished you can download your design as a .jpg or .png file on your computer.

If you need more help or have questions on mood boards, send me an email or DM on Instagram!

Thanks for reading loves, I’ll catch you in the next one…..Nkay xx


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