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My First Couple Days In Baltimore, Maryland

Oh hey….she finally leaves Buffalo. But not for good…yet.

If you need me for the next few days…..don’t. (I say that with love) No shade, but I am finally relaxing a bit and spending some time outside of my city walls. Baltimore, Maryland, its so good to see you. I used to call this city home about seven years ago, and I’m so happy to finally get a chance to come back. This is the first time I even left Buffalo in a long time (9 months), so my travel bug was on level 10.

I probably would still be living in Maryland if I hadn’t joined the Peace Corps. I made the decision to leave my life behind in the states, and start a new chapter in another country. I remember when I was making this decision, there were a few people who did not support me. Some were friends, some were family….and that made it a little harder to leave. But I always say, if people aren’t there for you before, during, and after you make a major change or transformation in your life, then they aren’t meant to be in it at all. So, being back here is a little sentimental, but I’m absolutely loving it so far.

I travelled to MD with Tai of frecklesfashionandflaws. If you don’t already know her, then where have you been? She’s my right hand woman and my partner in crime for #fotoshootfridays. Tai has family down in Baltimore, so we decided to take a trip down together. I love having a flying buddy. Today, me and my gem will get together and do some blogger exploring – which means – another photoshoot. But you knew that right?

We flew in Saturday morning and we were absolutely exhausted. Today I was much more well rested, and I decided to explore Fells Point, which is a historic waterfront neighborhood in Baltimore. It’s filled with antique stores, cafes, small shops, live music, and tons of pubs and small bars. I’m literally obsessed with this place.

Drinks n Chill

I found new favorite spot to grab a drink, and I’m actually planning on going back there before I leave – Fells Point Tavern. I snagged a cute little table in the corner and had a vodka tonic with a splash of pineapple. Hellllooooo goodness. I had a really nice waitress, and had a great view of the patio – which is key for people watching. We didn’t order food but everything looked amazing (cuz I was staring at other people’s plates) but before I leave I will try one of their dishes.


According to my handy, dandy weather app, it was supposed to rain all day. So I wore my everyday jeans and my new fave bodysuit from TJmaxx. I love TJ’s because you can find the most hidden gems if you have the time and patience to look. Usually I don’t! Also, I should add, I’m not a huge mall person and I kinda hate hopping from store to store looking for one thing that I need. I am a sucker for small boutiques though. They are less overwhelming for me and I always walk out with something nice. Anyways, back to my usually day to day outfit – had to rock the chucks….because….life? Still obsessed with Chuck Taylor’s. It’s such an easy fit to rock, and I wear them with almost every style.

I’m excited to be here and do more exploring and feeling all the feels of this place. I’m even more excited to be here for a few more days. So far, the weather has been holding up but there is going to be sprouts of rain, but that’s ok. The sunshine came out more than expected.Â

Next week, I’ll be sharing more moments from Baltimore. I can’t wait to hit up a few more neighborhoods and do more exploring. Thanks for reading loves. See you next week! Nkay xx




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