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We Live To Create

I absolutely love being a C r e a t i v e. One goal of mine this year was to do more collaborations. All of you know Alex – my main photographer who takes the majority of my photos. He has a lot of patience with me! But you may not know my good friend Julia. She is a Social Media Director and a super active member of the Buffalo creative community. Also, she’s one of the people who inspired me to start vlogging – hooray for new YouTubers!

Yesterday I did an Instagram and Snapchat Take Over for Step Out Buffalo. It was SO much fun and was a great opportunity for me to ‘show my face’ to 29K people on social media. I admit, I was nervous, but once I started rolling with it, I became comfortable and had a good time. I wanted to show viewers around Elmwood Village and a bit of nightlife in downtown Buffalo.

Also, Alex is famous for catching me off guard…but sometimes it works in my favor.

Don’t forget the bill…

During our trip, we stopped at some great places for food, shopping and drinks (linked below.) I highly recommend all these places, especially Taste of Siam if you love authentic Thai cuisine. I’m sure you’ll have as much fun as we did in this beautiful city. Thanks for reading loves, see ya in the next one..xx

Cafe Aroma

Taste of Siam

Scoop Shop Consignment

Spot Coffee

Head Over Heels

Angelica Tea Room


Girls Night Out Fashion Look

I want to thank the Fashion Gods for having some of the most photogenic and picture perfect friends. Me and two of my faves – Lucy of Write.Style.Travel and Katharine of The Roaming Buffalo, teamed up for a style shoot collab at the beautiful Westin Hotel in downtown Buffalo. This place is gorgeous and we literally did THEE most and took over their lobby. The setting and background was absolutely perfect.

I’m usually seen in converse, denim, and painted t-shirts with bomber jackets, but there are days when I want to dress up and add a lil sass yanno? We thought these outfits were perfect for a girls night out on the town (which I need to do more of). Im obsessed with my lace romper from Charlotte Russe. I decided to wear black, skinny jeans over it – just because its freezing! But the look turned out super cute, so I guess it worked!

My Outfit details:

Romper: Charlotte Russe

Shoes: Zara

Jeans: Macy’s

I hope you enjoy these super chic looks! Thanks so much for stopping by babe, see ya in the next one! xo


Shades of Grey + Winter Style

I’ve experimented with a lot of different hair styles. I usually change my hair depending on my mood. Let’s be real – a winter hat doesn’t fit over an afro! As much as I love my big, curly, in-yo-face fro, I also have a thing for super straight hair.

The top layer is black, and the bottom layer is grey. I eventually want to go light grey with dark brown roots. Needless to say, I LOVE this style. I’ve had so many compliments on it and definitely plan on experimenting with other colors – honey blond, light pink, and maybe purple. I’m ALL about the color hair now!


For today’s look, I styled my new doo with this awesome vintage bomber jacket I scored from Second Chic for $12 bucks, black skinny jeans from Macy’s that were on sale for $24.99, and my black military boots. (I’ve had these in my closet for years, no idea where they’re from!)


Foundation: Shade #450 — medium to full coverage
Match Stix Trio: concealer, contour, highlight. For my concealer I used Suede. For my contour I used Espresso, and for my highlight I used Sinamon

MATTE skinsticks conceal, correct, and contour.SHIMMER skinsticks highlight, blush, and enhance.


California Dreaming

My recent trip to California has been one of my most amazing travel adventures so far. I’ve been seriously thinking about moving here! I love the vibes and feel of the west coast. Usually, I would take a vacation around January in high hopes of  breaking up the Buffalo winter, but this year the sunshine came early –

And I ain’t mad about it….


So what’s so great about this place? A few simple things that I love most about exploring the world:

Sunrise and Sunsets

The Beach


No alarm clocks

Vegan Cafes

Palm Trees

Working out along the beach

Everything Fashion!


After I went through the usual madness and chaos at LAX, I settled down and wasted no time getting my trip started. I try to plan my itinerary and see as much as I can, but sometimes its better to spend more time in less places. It’s impossible to see ‘everything’ in LA during 10 days, but I was totally ok with that. I’d rather create real memories at a few places, rather than rush around to all the spots and not fully indulge in the experience.

My first stop is obvious – the beach. I was able to visit 5 beaches during my stay here – Zuma, Malibu, Venice, Seal and Newport Beach. Each beach was so different and had a different feel. My favorite was Newport Beach. Breathtaking beauty!



Here are the rest of all the major highlights of my trip that included fun places, great food, and all the small happy things that made this trip so special:

ZUMA beach

The Sunset Restaurant

When we arrived in Malibu, the wind was NO joke. It was too cold to sit on the beach, so instead we sat in the car, sipped cold drinks, and listened to an 80’s music playlist.

For dinner we made reservations at a really nice restaurant, The Sunset, located right along the coast. The views were gorgeous, and the food was yummy. Never worry about not finding a vegan or vegetarian option around LA – they’re everywhere!

Our Menu

– Iced Tea + Lemon Water

– Mushroom Flatbread with Grilled salmon, mashed potatoes and broccoli

Oh hey Venice, you pretty….

Venice Beach, Venice 

Here’s a view from the famous Venice boardwalk…so much to see and do here. We walked along Venice beach front and had drinks and lunch, then spent a couple hours on the beach.

Seal Beach – Long Beach, CA

Crazy waves, chilly breeze, but so relaxing. I was in this spot for awhile..

Green Table Cafe – Los Angeles

I had absolutely no problem finding vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Green Table Cafe however, is my favorite spot. All of the yes on this one. Friendly service and a ton of coffee, smoothie, food bowls, salads, and vegan burgers to choose from.

My top pick?

Avocado toast with cream cheese topped with almonds, with a side of salad. Add the tastiest caramel almond milk latte. Yea…I can get used to this…

Oh wait…there’s more. The Veggie tuna burger is sooo good. Yum!


Sunsets at Malibu, CA

If you’re looking for a beautiful sunset, you need to go to Malibu along the beach and sit by the ocean. It’s amazing, and you’ll thank me later…

Night on the town in Burbank, CA

Put on a summer dress, red lipstick and some heels, and have $5 margaritas at Los Amigos Bar + Grill. Great food!


Runyon Canon – Los Angeles

Definitely the highlight of my Cali trip! I love hiking and being in Mother Nature, so I knew I had to visit this place. It’s a 160-acre park at the east end of the Santa Monica mountains. Don’t forget your water though, because you’ll be climbing uphill before you even get to the entrance! It’s still worth it, and you can see the views of the city once you reach the top.

Santa Monica Pier – Santa Monica

I finally made it to the Pier and had a chance to take some shots

More from Santa Monica beach

and views from the coastline…

Wander through the palm lined 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

You will find

– street performers

– shopping at every corner

– palm lined streets

Hollywood – Walk of Fame

There were many stars, but I found Queen Latifah’s one of the stars I wanted to catch. This was a very crowded day so we couldn’t get everywhere. So worth it though!


What would a day at the beach be without fresh mangos and the most perfect sun rays?

I’ll choose this over a snow storm anyday!


This was the perfect change I needed and it came at the right time. Maybe I will call this place my new home soon? I’m an east coast girl all day – but there’s something about the west coast that brings out a different side of me. There are so many more adventures to come, and I can’t wait to take you along with me. This just might be the start of something new….

Thanks for reading luv, and see ya in the next one xoxo


I Love To Play Dress Up

Most of the time you’ll see me in denim, black, and a pair of my million white converse. What can I say – its my thing. But what most people don’t know if that I actually LOVE to wear a sexy dress and heels. Now granted, not all my dresses are sexy haa….but I do like to feel a little dolled up sometimes. What girl doesn’t? I wore this outfit to a fashion show last weekend and I felt like such a diva. I saw the dress and it fit perfectly. Thank you to all the shopping gods.

I used to spend a ton of money on one item of clothing, or one pair of shoes, but let’s be honest – that adds up and puts a hole in your pocket! So after some major self-evaluation, I realized I needed to find better deals and shop smarter. Charlotte Russe was my one stop for everything I needed for my night out. I don’t usually shop at Charlotte Russe, but every now and then I’ll stop in and check them out. I think they have some really cute clothes, and I generally like most of their outfits. I do however, tend to be very picky about what I buy, and always check for rips and snags. Discount clothing is the best, but its also like looking for a diamond in the ruff!

do love this dress and shoes though – obsessed with it. I’m a fan of body con dresses because it fits my waist perfectly. I have a hard time finding the right clothing sometimes – especially jeans – because nothing fits my waist. So anything that is stretchy and fitted is ok with me. Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments. I’d love to know what you’re also wearing!

Thanks for reading girl boss, see ya in the next one xoxo