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Amazon Tech Essentials For Bloggers

When I first started blogging (and eventually vlogging), I was a bit lost on what equipment to use, and how to get started with it all. All I had was my iphone and a dream hehe. Eventually I figured out the essentials. If you’re a new blogger, know that it’s also OK to start with what you have, and then build up. The iPhone goes a long way! But if you are looking for a few advanced tech items, then this list is for you. Let’s get right into it!

All of these products are available in my Amazon shop, so you can easily find everything linked below. 

photo taken using my tripod and bluetooth

First up on the list is my absolute fave. I bought this tripod a few months ago and I’m obsessed with it. It has 3 different light modes with 11 brightness levels for each. You also get the tripod that extends from 17 inches – 51 inches, a rotatable phone holder that works with most smartphones (I have an iphone 8), and – my personal favorite part – a bluetooth remote! This bluetooth will work for both android and iphone smartphones. I love the remote because you can take photos and videos without running back and forth to your phone to start or stop recording. I can take my own photos without a photographer. There are times where I need to get some content, so it’s just me and my tripod out in the street. I get the craziest looks from people haha. 

Last thing to note about this mini tripod is that it’s SO easy to carry around. I literally put her in my tote bag or backpack when I’m on the go. This is a must-have!





My very first camera I purchased was the Canon rebel t6. This is like my baby. I initially got this camera to take photos for my blog, but I started to also use it to record vlogs. Nowadays I typically use it for 

If you need a camera that has a flip screen, then you want to get the one below. The canon rebel is fabulous for beginners, but note that you can’t see yourself when you’re recording. To me, that would be the only downside if that’s important to you. 





I just purchased this camera yesterday! So I’ll definitely give you a review and updates and I start using it. I needed a camera that had a flip screen so that I could see what I was recording. For me, it’s so hard to know what’s in frame, so this camera is a must for sit-down videos, and day-to-day vlogs.






Ok, this is an important one. No matter how much you use your computer, always save your videos and photos on an external hard drive. It’s so important to backup your files in a safe space. This one works amazing and I love it.





These are a must if you sit in front of your computer for long periods of time. I spend A LOT of time blogging and editing videos, so I do everything I can to protect my eyes. These come in a variety of colors and styles, so you have a few options. Super cute!





I saw this rose gold computer mouse and I had to get it. I’m in it for the color, not gonna lie, but it works great too. It’s super easy to connect to your laptop / computer through bluetooth and it lasts a long time in between charges. You simply charge the mouse with the USB it comes with from your laptop, and your’e good to go. Obsessed with it!



You can find more items for your office and home studio setup in my shop. I hope these items are helpful!

Thanks so much for stopping by, you are so damn appreciated.

Sending love,

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