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7 Tips: How To Dominate The Rest of 2019

It’s a new month! I dunno about you, but I am heading into July stronger and smarter! You with me? Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. I can’t believe we are halfway through the year already, but I am so proud of how far we’ve come. So glad that today’s post fell on the fist of the month, because today I want to share with you 7 tips on how to kick ass for the rest of 2019. Let’s get right into it.

Start keeping a success journal – If you set any resolutions or goals at the beginning of the year, then now is a good time to take a look at where you’re at. What did you accomplish so far? Any setbacks? Failures? Victories? Write down your progress. And also write down ways you can progress and do better. It’s not always easy to analyze ourselves and our lives, but it’s so necessary. I keep a success journal to keep track of my career and business goals. This helps me determine my progress, and also keeps me motivated.

Remove bad filters – if there’s anything or anyone that has stopped you from achieving your goals, let them go NOW. Your goal is to move forward, not move backwards. Are you trying to start a biz or a brand, but your friend is telling you to quit? Drop them. Or maybe you found yourself in a sticky situation that’s not helping you, and you want to get out. Make that move! Don’t worry about what may or may not happen. Act now, and always trust your instincts. Let go of that negative energy. Likewise, if you are surrounded by a positive circle – good friends, fellow creatives, or a strong business team with real goals, embrace them! Continue to build those friendships and biz relationships.

Stay consistent with a workout plan – Trust me when I say this – working out always makes me feel better. (Yea my legs and arms may hurt afterwards), but staying healthy and getting plenty of exercise are so important for all of us. Make a point to get up early and get outside (it’s summertime so no weather excuses!) Go for a walk, a jog or a hike. And like the doctor always says, drink plenty of water! Health is wealth babe, and you only get one body! Treat it well.

Start going to more networking & creative events – Network. Network. Network. Go online and look for local events happening in your area. Facebook is actually great for this. I feel like there’s always something happening and FB will be the first to show it. As a blogger it’s so important to connect with other bloggers, and build relationships with new creatives. Take advantage of free events too! There is always something happening.

Review your budget & finances – Oh yes, the money tip. I’m no financial expert, but I do know how important it is to keep track of how much money you’re spending, and how much is coming in. If you’re running a business, then this is especially important for you. It’s no one else’s responsibility to keep track of your finances (unless you have a financial advisor, but even still, you should know everything they know) There’s a ton of money tracking apps out there as well. Keep track of what you spend on food, gas, business expenses, etc. Stay on track, and keep stacking those coints!

Block scheduling – If you watch my Insta stories, then you know I love me some block scheduling. It’s so much easier and less overwhelming to think of your day in blocks, not “time.” Now that I’ve moved to a new city and have a completely different schedule, I’ve created a new calendar that works for me. It’s super easy to follow. So go ahead and take a look at your own calendar for the rest of the year. Take a look at time that’s being wasted or time that’s being used. Color code your weekly activities. For example, I always use pink when I have an appointment or meeting in my schedule. When I see pink, my brain automatically thinks “meetup.” Get your 6-month calendar ready!

Wardrobe Detox: Clean + Organize your closet – Summer is officially here, which means your wardrobe is ready for a change. It’s time to switch out the spring clothes and bring out the summer ones. Putting old clothes away and re-organizing your closet will actually make you feel good. It will also give you a bit of a fresh perspective for the rest of the year. I’m actually headed up to Santa Cruz this month to help one of my clients completely detox her closet. You can also check this out to learn more about closet organizing.

And, if you’re ready for your own Wardrobe Detox, stop by here to make an appointment 🙂 Let’s get you summer ready 😉

I hope these tips have helped you, and will help you gain insight on where you are, and where you’re headed for the rest of 2019. Not everything will be perfect babe, but everything is happening exactly as it should be. If you have any questions, leave a comment below or send me a DM on Instagram.

Thanks so much for reading babe, and I’ll see you here next week! xo

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