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5 Celebrity Fashion Icons

Fashion is all about individual expression. We take our creative ideas and bring them to life through print, patterns, and stitches. The fashion we wear is sexy, edgy, baggy, casual, fancy, neutral, colorful, eccentric, and more. When I started my fashion blog years ago, I expressed my personal style through the clothes I wore. Socks rolled up to the knee? Girl since ‘99. Black lipstick? Every chance I got. Glitter and sparkles? Fresh out my mama’s womb ; ) Seriously though, fashion is whatever you want it to be. This was the inspiration behind today’s blog post. I chose 5 iconic celebrities that inspire me through their art, their talent, and their love for F A S H I O N.

First on my list,

VIRGIL ABLOH – Trying to find the words to describe how I feel about this artist, creator and icon is tough. I absolutely loved Virgil. He was so many things, but above all else, he was a fashion God. The ability to combine streetwear with luxury clothing is no easy task – when it’s done right. Virgil, does it right. Not to mention, he’s Ghanaian ; ) which means I love him even more. Streetwear has always been my fave style, and I’m so inspired when a designer brings street style to life. Virgil, we will always love you. Rest in power, KING! 



QUEEN RIH – Mama to be! She is and always will be my best friend. If I was pregnant, I would want to look just like her. Rihanna is literally glowing. She is known as one of the most iconic women in fashion, so it’s not surprising that she’s at the top of my list. This look was a YES for me.

Rihanna is wearing a brown Fendi crop top paired with low rise blue jeans. She accessorized her stunning look with a vintage denim-and-leopard patchwork coat and camo print Awake NY trucker hat.


Now, I know the photo that broke the internet with her pregnancy announcement was GIVING (pink chanel Harlem inspired look), but to be honest, this one was my fave. It’s hard to choose because she never does wrong with her style, but this one just hit different. I haven’t’ hopped on the ‘tieing the string around the jeans” trend yet, but if Rih does it, so should I…..I love how she has her beautiful baby bump popping out. It’s so effortless. Rich will always be a fashion icon.


ZENDAYA – None other than the beautiful and talented, Zendaya. Girl…GIRL. Purple is her color. The iconic Versace dress she wore on the red carpet at the BET Awards turned heads – as it should. Her look was complete with a purple dress piece worn by Beyonce, jewelry pieces worn by BVLGARI, and custom Stuart Weitzman heels. Such a vibe. Her body, first of all, is stunning, so she can wear just about anything and look amazing in it. Also, are we watching Euphoria?! That show gives me anxiety but its also SO good. Zendaya is just phenomenal. 


TRACEE ELLIS ROSS – She NEVER misses. Literally, her style is just unmatched. Look, I’m not trying to exaggerate, but there isn’t one outfit that I DON’T love from her. Tracee is also iconic because she doesn’t just wear designer clothes, she also wears upcoming designers. Her personality. Her vibe. It’s a yes for us. One thing bout Tracee, she always makes us laugh. Her spirit is contagious, and her energy gives us the sparkle we need. I’d love to meet her stylist…so we can become friends…and I can quietly steal some of Tracee’s clothes from her closet. Just putting the vibes out there.

And the last,

ADELE – And that’s on period. We just love us some Adele, and she never goes wrong in all black. Is this her signature color? Most likely. The amazing, iconic singer wore a custom black Armani gown with a stunning detailed train. I’m obsessed! It’s giving effortless seduction. We stan. What I also love about this dress is the back view. It’s so her, yanno? The train is subtle yet makes a statement. All she’s missing is her crown. One day, I’ll too have my own Armani custom dress ; ) Then me and Adele can hang out and make an album together lol….you can never dream too big.


I appreciate you stopping by today Stylists. Thank you so much for reading. I’ll catch you next time, xx

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