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I absolutely love being a C r e a t i v e. One goal of mine this year was to do more collaborations. All of you know Alex – my main photographer who takes the majority of my photos. He has a lot of patience with me! But you may not know my good friend Julia. She is a Social Media Director and a super active member of the Buffalo creative community. Also, she’s one of the people who inspired me to start vlogging – hooray for new YouTubers!

Yesterday I did an Instagram and Snapchat Take Over for Step Out Buffalo. It was SO much fun and was a great opportunity for me to ‘show my face’ to 29K people on social media. I admit, I was nervous, but once I started rolling with it, I became comfortable and had a good time. I wanted to show viewers around Elmwood Village and a bit of nightlife in downtown Buffalo.

Also, Alex is famous for catching me off guard…but sometimes it works in my favor.

Don’t forget the bill…

During our trip, we stopped at some great places for food, shopping and drinks (linked below.) I highly recommend all these places, especially Taste of Siam if you love authentic Thai cuisine. I’m sure you’ll have as much fun as we did in this beautiful city. Thanks for reading loves, see ya in the next one..xx

Cafe Aroma

Taste of Siam

Scoop Shop Consignment

Spot Coffee

Head Over Heels

Angelica Tea Room

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