Act Natural, Be Cool

Alexander Harold, better known as @creativeconnect, is the new Director of Photography at NKMstyling. We have been working together for quite some time, so naturally he was a good fit for the job. I like this sense of style, creativity and work ethic. We vibe well together. It works.

We took on the streets of downtown Buff along with another cool soul I met, Jahjah Quarles @jahquarles1, who is also an aspiring photographer. I decided to rock one of my own Nkay Tee’s and ripped black jeans. Nothing spesh, just a causal look for the day. I didn’t plan on looking ‘natural,’ it just sort of happened. I showed Alex like 3 different outfits, and he’s like….relax. What you have on is perfect. If you know me, then you know I can get a little extra before a shoot! I mean….I just wanna be cute, you know? But I ended up loving this look and these photos. Sometimes when you don’t make a ‘plan’ for a shoot, everything turns out perfect. Just three super creatives finding the perfect spots for a good shot. We clean up pretty well.

I’m looking forward to working on future projects with Alex and Jah. I am happy to announce that we did come up with a new squad name for the three of us….although I’m low-key hesitant to tell you the name. I had no part in the end results 😉 Hope you enjoy the photos, and see ya in the next one.

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