And Out Of Cocoon, Emerged a Butterfly

“The day I stop dreaming is the day I stop doing fashion” — Oliver Rousteing

A butterfly goes through four life stages before it becomes a beautiful, flying creature. As a kid I was fascinated with butterflies. They were pretty to look at, and if you were lucky enough, one might land on your shoulder. My fashion journey is like the life cycle of the butterfly. I am continuously changing and evolving. When I designed my first pair of shoes and matching African print purse, I knew I wanted to be in fashion. But just like the butterfly, I had to go through one stage before I made it to the next. And believe me, I’m totally ok with that. I have made many mistakes, had a few victories, but through each step of the way I have learned so much about myself and who I am as a person. And I mean….I ain’t done yet. I don’t think we ever stop growing. We move. We fight. We become great.

I found another cool human who is just as weird as I am — well almost, I think I win in that category. He’s a creative, a photographer, and an all around dope character. A few days ago we got together late afternoon in search of…..whatever we were looking for. Does that make sense? Living in Buffalo has its limits, I know, don’t get me wrong Buffalonians, but finding that hidden gem can sometimes be difficult. Trying to take that one good photo can sometimes be a challenge. I get it. I feels it. But no matter what city you’re in, there is always a spot that sparks your creative fire. Alex and I were driving when we found ‘the spot.’ If any normal person was in the car with us, they would think that we were a bit ridiculous. “Yooooo…….what is this? Stop. Let’s start here.” We got out the car and the rest was just magic. Yea, magic. I’ve shot with Alex a few times, but this one as more organic. I think it’s because I became more comfortable taking photos with him, in front and behind the camera. Once you find that comfortability, fashion creates art, and art creates fashion.

He may not know this yet, but he is my first male model…..whether he likes it or not. Here are the best shots we took. Alex is the professional photographer, I’m just the girl that takes notes and tries a million times harder than he does to take a photo. Either way, it worked. We jumped, we posed, we dodged cars, and created the first series of many. Enjoy.

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