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How to style sneakers

S P R I N G is here! But the real question is, has it sprung? Looking out my window and its about 43 degrees with specks of snow on the ground. This can’t be life….but well this IS Buffalo, so we can’t be surprised. However, I am in good spirits and feeling fabulous because the weather is (slowly) changing. Winter just seems sooo long in the Buff, but we somehow manage to get through it and await the day we see pink flowers and sun rays once again.

This post is all about my favorite styles to wear – skinny jeans and sneakers. Now don’t get me wrong – I absolutely LOVE a pair of heels and a really cute bodycon dress – but the way my life is set up, I move around way too much nowadays to not have sneakers on my feet! And yes, it is an addiction – but a good one 🙂 To be honest, I have almost 35 pair of sneakers right now, but literally keep them in the box until the pairs I wear get worn out. I do wash my shoes in the washing machine too, so that they always look brand new…(most people do that though), right? I mean…you at least carry sneaker cleaner though?!

In previous posts I’ve always featured my favorite sneaker – C o n v e r s e – but this time around I decided to go with one of the biggest sneaker comebacks – A.D.I.D.A.S. Ughh they are so cute, aren’t they? To be fair here I always knew Adidas would make a comeback, because fashion repeats itself. It’s like Puma. Without Rihanna nobody would be wearing them. (also Riri is my spirit animal and I need to dedicate a post just to her and her amazing style). So, anyways, me and a very talented photographer and model, Margo Burgio, took some dope shots downtown. We started at Lafayette Hotel and worked our way around the side streets. Its funny though, we were both like, “wow there’s so many people outside!” And that’s most likely because we hit the afternoon lunch rush, but all the same, we found some great spots to shoot. The sun kept peeking out from the clouds, but we managed to ‘find the light.’ Also, Margo is just a gem by the way. She lets you feel and pose the way you like, chooses the spots you want, and at the same time makes you feel comfortable. She would add her pointers here and there, which I love. Afterall she’s a beautiful model.  I’m not a professional model by any means, so having someone like her who is gracefully talented at what she does, makes the shoot effortlessly perfect.

Sneakers can be worn a number of ways, but its all about how it fits your personal style. I love the denim and white sneaker look, so I usually will color coordinate with black. I always wear black (feels), but it just looks so good everything! These jeans are not boot cut, I just decided to roll them up to give it some volume. I really wanted to show off the sneaker and felt it looked better that way. My top is from my own kollection. I promise you, this is the most comfortable Tee you will wear! Its vintage and has a soft and loose feel. My jacket is a simple faux leather piece, and no lie, I’ve had it for like 5 years. (yea I don’t grow.) I got a slightly different version from Forever 21, but I’ve got the link of a similar style they had. Lastly, I took a few shots in my ray bands. Women who wear glasses for fashion purposes get two claps in my book. I mean, slay girl slay. I thought these were really cute and added a unique look to my style. And ok, can we just take a moment and thank the hair gods for keeping my hair straight this long? I can’t lie – I miss the afro! But I am loving the long hair look. Let’s see how long I last though 🙂

I linked below where you can find every piece of my outfit, including my accessories. My goal for this shoot was to bring a piece of edgy street fashion but keep it simple. This is what I would wear on a regular day while out running errands. I hope you enjoy the shots, and be sure to comment below! Thanks for reading Stylists — see you at the next one.

NKMstyling Women’s Black Crop Tee


High Rise Skinny Jeans

Faux Leather Moto Zip Jacket

Obie K. Jewelry Black Velvet Choker

Ray Band Glasses

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