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Celebrating 10 Years of Runway: Buffalo State Runway Fashion Show was a Success!

This past Saturday, April 22, I attended the Buffalo State Runway 10 Fashion Show presented by the Fashion and Textile Technology Department! The theme of the show is Remember/Imagine, and each Senior Designer had to create a collection based off this theme. This is my second time going to this event as part of the Press team and I must say, this year was absolutely amazing. Everything from the interior design, the Runway set up and the stage effects were eye-catching and beautiful. As expected, the show had a huge turnout filled with Buffalo’s fashion lovers, Buff State Alumni, and other prestigious guests and judges.

The show started with the Alumni Collection of nine designers showcasing a few items of their collection. One of my favorite Alumni pieces is from Katie Gariepy ‘11.

My other favorite piece from the Alumni Collection was from designer Alumni Dana Migliorino ‘18. Her pieces were flawless!

Next, was the Visiting Collection from students of the Teacher’s College of Beijing Union University. I think it’s safe to say that the crowd was in awe of designer, Young, who showcased three eccentric and stunning pieces! The models were head to toe in black, and I immediately fell in love with the symmetry and uniqueness of his pieces. This one is my favorite piece!

Following the Visiting Collection of the show was the ‘Single Item’ — each designer showcased one or two pieces from their collection. They were all amazing, but I chose one that really made me say ‘whoa’ The most gorgeous dress I’ve seen on the Runway yet is from Jordan Stover, who was also the recipient of the Single Item Award.

Next up was the Student Collection from Jillian Sickler and Rashaad Holley. Jillian’s denim collection is definitely the cutest collection of the night. I love how her models were upbeat and smiling. Also, as we know, I’m a sucker for converse and sneakers, so you knew this was going to be on my top list!

Rashaad’s Collection – Vingt-Cinq Rashaad, is a clean, urban and luxury brand. I remember seeing his designs last year and thought they were really dope. He is also the recipient of the Student Collection Award and Best in Show.

And now for the Senior Designers! The theme for their collection is Remember/Imagine. Designers found their inspiration through vintage fashion, evolution, moments in history and more. I was so impressed by their creativity and how their emotions poured out into their designs. Here are my top picks!

Elizabeth Wicka Elizabeth Wicka Carly Garrison Carly Garrison Monifa Payne Monifa Payne

Fardja B. — my FAVORITE designer of the night! What a powerful message she gave us with her collection. Absolute slayage. Her collection is R E D E M P T I O N – “acceptance, denial, sadness, and anger. The safety pins to make this jacket are used to represent the broken communication in the relationship and how we do quick fixes on our relationships.” Fardja is also the recipient of the Fiber Arts Award! Congrats!

And last but not least, my fan moment with celebrity stylist, Ade Samuel. She styles Kelly Rowland and Jhene Aiko to name a few. I was so excited to hear that she was a guest judge at Runway. Right after the show I basically ran to her (before the crowds started) and told her I admire her work and I love what she does. She was very sweet and was kind enough to take a selfie with me. Congrats on all your success hun, honored to meet you!

Making it count on the Red Carpet! Making it count on the Red Carpet!

Listed below are the prestigious guests and all Award Recipients of the show. Congrats to ALL designers, models and Runway Team! I had an amazing time and can’t wait to see more from these talented individuals. Cheerst to Runway 10!

Emcees: Dr. Lynn Boorady, Associate Professor & Chair

Erin Habes, Instructor, Fashion Show Production Class

Judges: Ade Samuel ‘07, Celebrity Stylist and Shoe Designer

Marla Coniglio. Executive VP of Sales at Eastman Machine

Patti Lawley ‘85, Co-owner ANNARLETTE

Luke Copping, Photographer, Luke Copping Photography

Award Winners:

Senior Student Collection

  • 1st place – Ashton Warner
  • 2nd place – Carly Garrison
  • 3rd place – Melissa McClurg

Student Collection Winner & Best In Show – Rashaad Holley

Single Item Award – Jordan Stover

Fiber Arts Award – Fardja B.

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