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W a n d e r

“Not all those who wander are lost…..”

I n f u s i o n

You can be someone who stays in between the lines….and play it safe inside the box. Or, you can be the person who expands their creative mind through the lens and perspective of yourself. You take risks, and learn about the endless possibilities your mind can take you.

For a long time I was the girl inside the box. I had ideas in my head but no incentive to bring them to life. I became stagnant and unmotivated. But then that changed. From the moment I realized the amazing things I could do with fashion, style and originality, everything changed. I became a wanderer but was never strayed. My inspiration for my designs came from my neighborhood, the people I met, and the experiences I found myself in. This is what makes up the imaginary visionary lens in front of me.

Now for the good stuff — the epic photoshoots that result in my creative thinking. My mind has taken me all around the city.  What makes these shoots so epic is the sites me and my photographer choose, and the weird ideas he and I both have. In between uncontrollable laughter and the occasional creepy animal noises, we somehow manage to keep shooting till we get it right. (We do it for the gram). Urban, industrial, and graffiti backdrops have always been my thing. Capturing the realness just makes it better.

Ryan of Seek Axiom is not only one of my best friends but also an amazing photographer and graphic designer. He is sick on the lens. I sometimes look at myself on camera and don’t even recognize who I am! For this shoot we teamed up with Bkindcity and wandered out to the Buffalo Central Terminal. Located in Buffalo’s Broadway/Filmore district, this former railroad station was active from 1929 – 1979. And omg I love love love the interior. Of course its an abandoned building, but it literally gives me life. (If you can get over the possible asbestos, mold and infected water, you’ll be fine 😉 Sometimes you gotta get a lil dirty and take risks. Ryan did a phenomenal job of bringing my vision to life. These walls were old, cracked, and ancient – which is exactly what I wanted. I sell a street fashion line, so well, my photos should be in the streets. This was the concept behind my photoshoots – bringing real street fashion to the everyday man and woman, to everywhere in the city. In these photos I’m rocking my NKAY Tshirts as part of my NKMS17 Kollection. There are more pics and exciting news to come, and I can’t wait to share. Thanks so much for reading, and Happy Friday! Do something epic today…..xx

Photography by Seek Axiom

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